Bayside Wildlife Drive

Yesterday we headed out to Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge, again. We had been at the Refuge near the end of January, you can read all about it here. We had been out to the Refuge the previous Sunday hoping to get on the three-hour tram tourunfortunately the lady in-line ahead of me got the last ticket, dang.  We were a little disappointed, but figured we could catch it again on another weekend.  Well, it turned out this weekend was the last weekend the tram was running.  Starting in March, the Bayside Wildlife Drive is going to be under construction. If we wanted to go, we needed to get there a little earlier to ensure we got a ticket for the tram.

We arrived at the Refuge just after 11 AM and quickly got our tickets for the 12:30 tour. The tram held 66 people plus one driver (Bob) and one guide (Alex). Alex provided a good dose of humour with all the information about the Refuge and it’s inhabitants. Bob jumped in with additional information about the birds we observed. We didn’t get to see any elusive Ocelots, which live at the Refuge but did get to see flowering Yucca, Osprey, Caracara, Great Blue Herron and some other critters.

Here are some things we captured with the camera.

Our Chariot For the Day

Flowering Yucca

Flowering Yucca

Flowering Yucca

Great Blue Heron


Osprey Pair




Caracara Feeding on Dried Fish

Caracara Feeding on Dried Fish

Caracara Feeding on Dried Fish

Crested Caracara


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