Presidents’ Day

We are seeing a lot more activity here in the RV park.  It could be due to the great weather we have experienced the last few days or it could be because it is the week-end.  I think these two things have something to do with it but I think it probably has more to do with Monday being Presidents’ Day.

We are seeing a lot more traffic on the island and in Port Isabel.  Thursday and Friday saw a lot of RVs moving in the park. We are also seeing a lot of new people walking down our street, some with dogs in tow, that we haven’t seen before.  We have never seen the beaches with so many people, couples and families enjoying themselves.  It is quite nice to see.

If you are in the United States, either living here permanently or as a Winter Team, have a great Presidents’ Day.



One thought on “Presidents’ Day

  1. just caught up with your last few posts. loved the dog pictures. sorry to hear your weather was not the best for the past week or so but sounds like it has improved in the last day or so.


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