I Got A New Tail

We woke up today and didn’t know what the bright disk was in the sky. Upon a second look, we discovered it was the sun.  OMG, We haven’t seen the sun for so long. And it was very warm in the RV this morning. Normally in the morning, I have to put on a sweater at breakfast, but not today.

The sun was out, so there were things to do.  First up was a bike ride over to the office to pay next months rent and get the latest on spending the rest of March in the park and reserving a spot for next winter. Next was bike over to the construction site where they are building a new multi-purpose building and amphitheatre, (nothing much changed here).  Then back to the RV.  It was so nice out we needed to get to the beach.

After a quick collection of all we needed, off to the beach we go. Once we got settled in out came the kites.  I have two, and can usually anchor the lines to our beach wagon.  That way I can fly them both at the same time and don’t have to worry about hanging on to the lines. Well I had previously purchased a new long tail for one of the kites and was anxious to try it out.  Well it turns out the two kites wouldn’t get along with the new tail, so one had to come down.  This was all right because the wind was getting stronger and the tension on the kite lines was moving our wagon. With only one kite in the air, all was good.

My new tail

As we expected, the wind was picking up and the fog was starting to roll in, so we headed back to the RV around 3:30.

We have new neighbours beside us who pulled in the other day. They are farmers from northern Manitoba. When we got back, they were out, so I went over to have a little chat and let them know about the grand opening of the sea turtle rescue building.  They were interested and might take it in.

Before you know it, it was Happy Hour.  There was quite a gang there today.  We hadn’t been together for a week because of the weather.  These times together are getting more and more important as the days wear on.  Members are starting to head home after spending the winter here.  We had one leave today.  Another couple are heading out on Saturday. As the days pass, more and more will be leaving.  It is sad to see our new friends leave.  We wish them safe travels and hope we meet up again next year.


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