Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge

The Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge was on our To-Do list last year, but we never made it out to this wildlife refuge.  We didn’t make it for two main reasons.  One, we ran out of days and two, we couldn’t find it.

This year, we talked to a couple we met last year, Fred and Jill, who showed us a brochure they had with all the birding places in southern Texas. Laguna Atascosa was included with detailed driving instructions. Jill had warned us to make sure we had lots of time to get there.  It wasn’t that far away from the RV Park, but the road conditions were very bad and slow speed was required.  Or you might damage your vehicle.  With this knowledge and the fact I know the street signs are sometimes non-existence, I obtained the GPS coordinates before we left.

Well the roads weren’t all that bad, until we came to the section that was closed and under construction.  As we sat in the truck in front of the barricade that was preventing us from proceeding, we are both thinking that we weren’t going to get to our destination today.  However one of the workers that were standing by some equipment at the barricade, sauntered over and asked if we were going to the Wildlife refuge.  We answered yes and he told us to proceed around the barricade, go slow and go around the barricade at the other end of the construction zone. After missing our next turn, turned around and corrected our error, we were at our destination.

The soul purpose of the trip was to get detailed information on the tram ride they offer through the refuge that is otherwise closed for public traffic.  We got our information and will return in the near future to take the tram.  But while we were there, we hung out at a couple of bird blinds and I took to a few of the hiking trails.  Here are some of the pictures we captured.

There were a number of these flowering Yuccas on the way into the Refuge.

This little guy was on the side of the road when we entered the refuge and was in the same place when we left. I was able to get quite close. The volunteer at the Refuge Welcome Centre mentioned that the armadillo has poor hearing and eyesight and that was probably the reason we could get so close.

There wasn’t all that much to see on the hiking trails, except if there was a bird feeding station.

I hike in the friendliest areas

Green Jay

Green Jay

Green Jay

Green Jay

I think the Green Jay is the most colourful bird I have ever photographed.  We are looking forward to the guided tour of the other part of the Refuge. Stay tuned for more pictures.


One thought on “Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge

  1. We agree with you…the Green Jay is a beautiful bird. Those close up pictures of the armadillo are amazing. It will be interesting to see what the tour is like.


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