Who Has Seen The Wind?

The weather here seems to be ever-changing.  The weatherman is constantly forecasting a cold front moving in, rain and wind is on the way, below normal temperatures. We really don’t know what to expect. Yesterday was a relatively nice day and today was supposed to be cool, rainy with a slight chance of seeing the sun. As it is back home, we would just have to wait and see what we would get.

Boy did the weatherman get it wrong.  We saw the sun in the morning with a nice south wind.  By noon the sky had clouded over and at times a fine mist developed.  We still saw the sun at times, as  the fog rolled in. The fog and sunshine played hide and seek all afternoon. While tending the grill at supper-time the cloud formations were just crazy exciting.

This photo is looking west. The south horizon was clear and the wind had switched to coming from the north.

The next two photos are of the Pearl South Padre. The Perl is a high-rise hotel/condominium just 1 Km north of our RV site.  Through out the day it would disappear and then reappear. It was really quite interesting to watch. At times you could see the bottom but not the top. At other times you could see the top but not the bottom.

As we were sitting out under the nose of the RV this afternoon, enjoying the sun and sheltered from the breeze we were entertained by the constantly changing cloud formation.  And if you were lucky and looked low across the parking lot you could see the fog actually rolling in.  We have seen the wind.


One thought on “Who Has Seen The Wind?

  1. Sorry to hear your weather is still less than ideal. Nice link to the poem about the wind. Hope you’re still able to have fun and get out to do some things. At least you have happy hour. Also, no snow. I shovelled/used the snow blower twice in the last couple of days, and looks like I might have to shovel again today. i just mention that so even though your weather isn’t what you hope, it could be worse. lol


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