‘Tis The Season

Wow, it’s Christmas Eve.  Where has all the time gone.  It seems like we left Canada only a few days ago and here it is Dec 24th.

The last few days have just been wonderful around here.  Not only has the weather been good and not-so-good.  Cold, windy or rainy one day only to have a sunny, warm day the next. But we have been getting together more often with the neighbours in our section of the park.

It is a common practice, at least in our neighbourhood, that people congregate around 4 P.M. to visit and get to know how everyone’s day has been, “Happy Hour” if you will. Meetings only last for an hour or so and the location varies from one RV site to another. It’s also an opportunity to meet the new folks on the block.  Attendance is totally optional as is the beverage you choose to take.   When we have participated, the conversation is always lively and often filled with humour.

Over the last few weeks we have gotten to know most of our neighbours.  Some of them have left the park to go back home to have the holidays with their families. They will be returning in a few days. Those that are staying here, have various plans.

Some are getting together with friends and having dinner in town at a hotel or restaurant. The local paper is full of places with Christmas Dinner specials.

There is a couple at the end of our row that are going home to Mercedes TX.  While at Happy Hour yesterday, Dahlia invited us to have Christmas at her house. We were totally surprised as we had only met her and her husband, Jamie, a few days before.  We graciously declined her offer as we had already been asked to have Christmas dinner with our next door neighbours Sylvia and Charlie who are from Ontario.

Well actually we are going to have our Christmas meal tomorrow afternoon with them and a number of other park residents.  The park recreation director as organized the meal for 1 P.M.  I understand there will be Turkey and Ham as well as juice and coffee.  We just need to come with a dish to share, our table service as well as our beverage if we don’t want juice or coffee.  So a quick trip to the grocery store yesterday for some pre-made salad and a bottle of wine for the table and we are set to go.

While we are in the holiday spirit, it turns out that Jamie likes to fish, but he doesn’t like eating it.  It seems he goes fishing and either gives away his catch or brings it home, cleans it and then gives it away.  The other day he came back from the jetty with a huge Red Drum. Well last night just before supper there was a knock at our door.  There was Dahlia with a frozen packet of fish.  They had gifted us some of the fish that Jamie had caught the day before.  We had it tonight for supper, it was very good.

So tomorrow will be fun.  Have a large meal in the middle of the afternoon, meet a bunch of new people and possibly have a nap.  If the weather is good we may end up on the beach flying our kites or there might be a bike ride in the mix.  Who knows?  It will be another day in paradise.

From our tiny home by the beach to your’s, we wish you a Happy, Healthy, Merry Christmas as well as a healthy and successful new year.

Bev & Richard.


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