We Are Famous, Almost

We are slowly getting into beach mode.  After a long 7 day drive, it is a little hard to just slow down.  It helped yesterday with the overcast, rainy day we enjoyed.  We were able to get a few things done in the RV and just tried to get back into the laid back lifestyle. We also got reacquainted with our neighbours, Charlie and Sylvia who are from Ontario. We met them last year when we were here. We were also visited by no fewer that 4 mobile RV wash companies.  It seems they patrol the park and pick out the new residents to see if they can secure a job.

Well today we got clear skies and beautiful weather.  Now, not wanting to pay more than $100 to wash and wax the RV and truck, we decided to do it ourselves. Why not, the weather was great and we had the time.  After getting the truck washed we started on the RV. I started on the back, worked my way around the shaded side and finished with the front.  While I was cleaning up Bev put together a great lunch that we enjoyed in the shade.

After lunch I pulled the bicycles out of the belly of the RV and we were able to enjoy a nice ride around the park.  There are still a lot of empty spots but we are sure they will fill up as the winter progresses.

Oh, and you are probably wondering how we can be famous.  Well as I was cleaning around the front of the RV I noticed someone setting up a tripod in our neighbours spot.  I didn’t want to be in any pictures so I stepped back.  It turns out it was a cameraman taking a shot at the flag we fly on the front of our RV.  We got to talking with him as well as a reporter that was with him.  Turns out the park is increasing the user fees and they were out getting the opinions of those that use the park.  It turns out the piece they were doing was going to be on the local news.  Here is the clip of the newscast.

Have a look but don’t be disappointed if you don’t see us on TV.  But you will see our proud Canadian Flag.


One thought on “We Are Famous, Almost

  1. Looks like you guys are safe from the rate hike this season. The video clip of the TV news story was quite interesting, especially the scenes on the beach and the water.


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