T – 17 Hours

We mentioned in our last post and tweet that the RV is sitting in the driveway.  Over the last few days it has slowly gotten packed.  We like to take our time with this task because as soon as you sit down and relax, you think of something else to pack.

Well the time is really here, we are pulling out tomorrow.  As far as we know everything that we need for the next 6 months is packed.  We won’t really know for sure until we set the jacks down and unhook the truck. That won’t happen for 4 or 5 days.  Of course there are the very last-minute things to put away, our tooth brushes, our lunch and thermos of coffee. Those will get stored away in the morning.

We were able to sit and watch the CFL West and East semi final playoff games today.  Between games and half times a few more things were put away.  I am sure during the evening we will think of other items we have forgotten.

Anything we remember once we get into the truck will not disrupt our plans because it is time to fish or cut bait.  We are going to be on the road tomorrow morning, headed toward Winnipeg. We should be crossing the USA border on Tuesday and then it is pretty much straight south to Texas.

We can’t wait to get behind the wheel.


5 thoughts on “T – 17 Hours

    • Thanks Joyce. We are heading back to the same place we were last year (South Padre Island). We have done most of the “touristy” stuff so the pictures might not be in the same quantity. We are looking forward to the warmer weather and sunshine.


  1. Me too ie looking forward reading about your trip. At what locations and dates will you be stopping on the way down? How many stay locations are currently on your schedule?


    • Tom, we are going directly to a county park on South Padre Island. We were there last year and liked the sound of the ocean so much we are going back. We have reservations there from Dec 1 through March 31. Funny thing is, last year we had just as much fun in Tucson. We have reservations there for Feb and March. So right now I am not sure where we will end up in the new year. All I know is you don’t have to shovel sunshine in Texas. BTW right now it is -11 in Saskatoon and at South Padre Island it is +25. We just can’t wait.:-)


  2. Hope you guys have a safe trip driving to south Texas. Let us know when you arrive and if you see any changes due to the hurricane passing further north of South Padre earlier this season. By the way, it’s going to warm up here to 0 today haha


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