“The time has come,” the Walrus said:

To talk of many things: Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–Of cabbages–and kings–and why the heck we are still here in cold Saskatchewan.  Here is the latest in our continuing saga of RV repair.

Our RV left the factory last week, either Monday or Tuesday, and was expected to be back in Saskatoon on Thursday Nov. 2nd.  Well who would know the bad weather we were receiving was also affecting the northern United States.  We got a call from our local dealer that the transport driver had to slow down in Minnesota because of bad weather and not to expect delivery until Friday Nov. 3rd.  On Friday we got another call from our dealer stating that our driver was stuck in a snow storm in North Dakota and not to expect anything until Monday.  The Waiting continues.

On Sunday (yesterday) we were out and about and decided to drive by our local dealer.  Lo and behold, there in their parking lot was our RV.  Guess where I was at 8 A.M. this morning.  After a few questions at the dealership I was ready to hook up and get our home away from home parked in our drive way so it could be prepared for warmer climates.  While at the RV I noticed a few things missing.  One was the teflon disk that goes on the king-pin and more alarming, were the missing batteries.  Without the batteries there was no way to raise or lower the front of the RV to get hooked up or power anything in the unit.

After a little more investigation we found out the batteries had been removed before our unit left for Indiana.  They had been stored in a shed outside the RV dealership.  Close examination showed that both batteries were frozen. Solid. Things were going from bad to worse.  After a little discussion two new batteries and a new teflon disk was installed.  A few minutes later, I was pulling into our cul-de-sac and was thankful there were no cars parked at the end of the road as I need all the space I can get to back the unit into our driveway.

So there it sits in our drive way.  Waiting to be loaded with everything we need for extended use.  We estimate it will take at least a couple of days for us to be ready and then we can be on with our adventure.  We are also looking at the long-range weather.  There seems to be a warm-up toward the weekend and Monday looks pretty good.  So we could be on the road next Monday and sitting on the beach by Friday.

Can’t wait.


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