We Have Been Asked

Over the last week or so the weather has begun to dip, often freezing at night.  The days are becoming shorter and we have had to find the jackets that were hiding in the back of the closet all summer long. I have also been forced to start wearing long pants, again☹️.  Over the last week we have been getting asked a number of questions, all with the same theme.  How is the packing going? Have you left yet?  When are you heading south?  The short answer is, no, we haven’t left yet but hope to be on the road soon.

To fill in some of the details, here is a short explanation of our situation.  When we returned home in the spring of 2016 we dropped the RV at our dealer to have some repair work done.  It seems that repairs are very common with RVs, as you drive, twist and bounce your home on wheels down less that perfect roads. At that time we reported the floor near our from door was a little soft and spongy.  This is a known manufacturer defect for our model year and we wanted to know if this is what we had.  I was told by the warranty representative that it wasn’t bad and not to worry about it.  Well during our travels last winter, this soft floor got softer and softer.  At times I wondered if my foot would break through the floor.

Upon our return in April 2017 we again took our unit in for repairs and pointed out our soft floor issue.  This time our local RV dealership agreed that the floor was bad and contacted the trailer manufacturer on our behalf.  Well our local guy couldn’t or wasn’t able to make the repairs so it was agreed that the unit would go back to the manufacturer for repair.  Keep in mind the manufacturer is in Indiana. We didn’t think it would be a problem as it was late April or early May and we wouldn’t need the RV back until the first part of October so we could leave by the end of the month. Unfortunately we couldn’t get time at the factory until the middle of September.  But we were assured that there still would be time to get our unit back for our November 1 departure.  What could we do, we were over a barrel.

Our RV left Saskatoon a week or so before it was scheduled to arrive in Indiana and about a week after the repair date we had been given, I made a call to the factory and was advised things had gotten backed up and our unit hadn’t even been looked at yet.  Great. It would probably be another two weeks. It goes without saying, no one in this house was happy about the news.  After pleading of our case, explaining our situation and reminding them of the dates we were given, I phoned back a week later to go over the work order.  I am happy to report the floor has been repaired and the loose floor covering was reinstalled.  In the process, all our plumbing problems were repaired.  Last week, Thursday October 19, the factory advised me the order was placed to have our unit shipped back to our local dealer.  However, no one is now able to tell us where the unit is.  We don’t know if it is still in Indiana, is on the road to Saskatoon or sitting in our dealers lot.  So we are in a holding pattern until we get our RV back in our driveway. Then it will be “run around like crazy” re-packing everything and doing those last-minute chores like purchasing travel insurance, US currency and US phone plans. I think if we get out-of-town before the end of next week we will be lucky, but who knows, the RV might still show up this week. 🤞🤞

On a more positive note we had a great summer and hope you did to.  We were able to get all the home projects completed that were thought up during our winter sojourn.  In fact we got a few more completed that weren’t even on the list.  We were able to enjoy the warm weather, sitting on the deck, watching the bird population that calls our backyard home, drinking a cool beverage while having something hot off the grill.  We were also able to resume our regular coffee hookups visiting friends at what has become our regular coffee hangout.  All in all it was great.  Life is good.

We are going to miss the good times we had this summer but are prepared for new adventures this winter (fingers crossed) and revisiting friends and family when we return in April.

Have a great winter.  Stay warm, I know we will.

Bev and Richard.


One thought on “We Have Been Asked

  1. Thanks for the update. Hope your RV is back asap. We’re happy to see your travel blog is up and running. We really enjoy the pictures, links and updates. It allows us to vicariously spend the nice weather in the southern States while having to experience the cold Saskatoon winter.


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