16,000 Kms Later

That’s right, we travelled over 16,000 Kms this winter.

As a quick wrap up to our journey, we left Boulder City NV on Sunday, April 9th and ended up at a  Flying J Travel Centre in Nephi UT for the night. On Monday, April 10 we continued on I-15 and ended up at a highway rest stop just south of Butte MT.  On April 11 we crossed back into Canada (🇨🇦whoop, whoop🇨🇦) at Sweetgrass MT, continued north to Taber AB and then we turned right on the number 3 highway to Medicine Hat AB.  We stopped for the night at the Alberta Information booth in Walsh AB. You guessed it, on April 12th we pulled into the driveway in Saskatoon.

These last few days have shown us a vast change in scenery.  We started out in the desert and ended up going through the mountains and seeing green planted fields.  The mountain gorges were something to be seen.  As we approached another mountain range it would look like the road just disappeared into the face of the mountain.  But as we got closer, you could see the road snaked through a gorge that a river had carved out.  One canyon that we particularly enjoyed was the Virgin River canyon in Arizona.  It is well worth seeing.

The farther we travelled north the scenery changed again to what you expect to see in the late winter/early spring.  The fields were bare and on the shadow side of hills we would often see snow.  The population also seemed to decrease.  There were fewer cars and trucks on the road.  The Interstate exits became farther apart and the exit signs less informative.  I really had to keep an eye on the fuel gauge and Bev an eye on the map so we were aware of potential fuel stops.  Typically as we approached a city we would see separate signs telling us what exit had lodging, which one had food and which one had fuel.  These might all be the same exit or different ones, depending on the size of the city/town.  Now we are just seeing a sign announcing the next exit is number whatever, with no indication of the services available. We needed to be on our game.

All in all it was a good trip home.  We were ready to come home and now we have most of the important tasks that needed to be done right away all wrapped up.  We are patiently waiting the warmer temperatures.  It isn’t so bad now that I have gotten used to long pants again.

To wrap up, we had a wonderful winter.  So much so, we are going to do it again in 2017.  We have seen some wonderful and very interesting places and have met some very friendly people.  Some were even from Saskatchewan. To somewhat complicate things we have reserved 5 months on South Padre Island, we liked it so much.  We have also reserved 2 months in Tucson, we liked it so much as well.  I am not sure how this will play out.  We will either spend the whole time in south Texas or split our time between the two places. I guess you and I will have to wait and see.

Have a great summer, we hope you enjoyed our ride.  We sure did.

Bev & Richard




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