Getting Ready To Go

Today is another pseudo rest day.  We didn’t actually go anywhere today except to get fuel and provisions for our trip home.  Bev figures it will take 4 or 5 days to get back into Saskatoon so during that time we like to have everything we need for the journey (food, water and snacks).  So, although we didn’t go anywhere we were busy cleaning up, getting ready for our long trip home.

But yesterday, was another story.  We took the opportunity to drive around Lake Mead, well part of it anyways.  This was through the Lake Mead Recreational Area.  We started close to Hoover Dam and worked our way around the west side of the lake, taking in Boulder Beach, Hemenway Harbour and Callville Bay.  These are located in the Boulder Basin.  We then travelled northeast to Echo Bay in the Overton Arm of the lake.  It was interesting that only one of these places had a working boat launch.  All the other boat launches ended on dry land, nowhere near the water.

We exited the Recreational Area in the north and entered the Valley of Fire State Park.  This is a definite place to visit.  The rock formations were outstanding.  As before the pictures don’t do the landscape justice.  If only our eyes were cameras.   The person who helped us at the Boulder City Visitor Centre as well as the Park Warden both suggested we visit the Elephant Rock, the  White Domes, Arch Rock and the Beehives in the park.  We did and they were outstanding.  There is lots of hiking here and it is quite easy walking on the sandstone rocks.  In some of the photographs, if you look close, you can see people in the background.  It gives you a sense of perspective.

You may ask why the park is named “Valley of Fire”?  By the time we got there it was later in the afternoon.  Because some red rocks have a black or darker surface, with the late afternoon sun, it looked like they were glowing.  I can’t describe it any better than that so if you want to experience what we saw, you will have to come and visit for yourself.

One final note about the weather.  When we were at Hoover Dam the truck thermometer was registering 30℃, Friday we were seeing 28℃. Bev mentioned that last Friday while we were in Williams, it was snowing.  We have seen quite a change.

Here are a few of the sights we saw.  Hope you enjoy.

This isn’t elephant rock, but if you look real close, on top, you might see a baby elephant.

Spooky faces?

Some colour in the desert.

Contrasting colour.

Elephant Rock. The web has a better picture taken from the other side. I guess I missed out.

Twisty road.

Colour in the sand.

White Domes. See the hiker near the top?

More colour.


See the hiker?


One thought on “Getting Ready To Go

  1. We followed your exploration of the Valley of Fire State Park on a map and found the Elephant Rock, the White Domes, Arch Rock and the Beehives while simultaneously looking at your pictures. What a beautiful place!


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