Slow Down and Catch Up

The last few days have just flown by.  On April 1st we did get to travel up to the south rim again, via Cameron.  We didn’t get into Cameron to check out the Indian Tacos but turned west before the town, to enter the park.

Before we got to the park gates we stopped at an overlook where you could see the Little Colorado river


After getting back into the park we took Desert View Drive and stopped at Desert View Watchtower, Navajo Point, Lipan Point, Grandview Point and Pipe Creek Vista.  Of course we took some pictures.  We then took another spin around the village part of the park. It was later in the afternoon and were able to spy many elk and deer munching on the grass. We got back to Williams rather late and instead of making supper, we were both too tired, we decided to stop at Goldies Route 66 Diner.  The food and service were great.

After supper we were back to the RV and get ready to hit the road tomorrow.

Desert View Watchtower

Waiting for my guy in the gift shop

On Sunday April 2, we are on our way to our next stop, Meadowview RV Park, in Meadowview AZ. We are booked in for 2 nights.  This will allow us one day to visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk and then we will be off again. After we got set up at our new location, we headed into town to fuel up for our trip to the skywalk. While we were out we decided to head on down to the end of the road and dip our toes at the beginning of Lake Mead.  As the night settled in, I noticed how dark the sky was and how bright the stars were.  Out came the camera to see if I could capture some star trails.

On April 3rd we were off to the skywalk.  After finding a parking space and purchasing our two passes, one for the property and the other for the skywalk, we boarded a shuttle bus and were off to our first stop.  We got off the shuttle at Hualapai Ranch.  After a quite trip down main street, a stop at the magic show and watching kids learn how to rope a steer we took a short wagon ride and then boarded the next shuttle to the skywalk at Eagle Point.

If you notice in the skywalk picture, there seems to be a storm brewing. Well you would be right.  We proceeded to get in line to go out on the skywalk.  This included getting our tickets scanned, using a free locker to lock up your personal items and putting on little paper booties.  I had to lock up my camera, keys and cell phone. I guess they don’t want things falling onto the glass floor or over the edge and down to the canyon floor. The booties prevent our shoes from scratching the glass floor. No sooner had we walked out on the skywalk, the ushers got a call that there was an electrical storm on the way and their sensors had gone off.  What does this mean, we got to exit the walk right away.  Wow, we spent about 2 minutes walking out over the gorge.  Not really enough time to appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the location. On our exit, the usher stamped out tickets “bad weather” and told us we may be able to get a refund.  There was no telling how long the walkway would be closed.

After retrieving my items from the locker, talking to the ticket agent and having a quick tour around the gift shop we headed outside (it’s raining now) and waited for the next shuttle.  While we were waiting, I took a couple of shots of the gorge.

Back at the main entranced, I talked to the ticket agent and explained out situation.  We were only here for the day and would be out of the area tomorrow.  She was able to refund our Skywalk ticket price and advised the ticket we purchased for the property couldn’t be refunded but we could use it for entry the next day only.  Well we took our skywalk refund and headed back to the RV.  We were both a little upset, a little cold and a lot wet from the rain.  We thought if we really wanted to get back out over the canyon, we could just drive back from Boulder City, our next stop.

Back in Meadowview I stopped again for some fuel.  I like to start a moving day with a full tank.  While in town there were some Prickly Pear cactus in bloom, nice splash of colour after a rain.  Back at the RV I snapped another panoramic picture that shows the disappearing storm.  In fact it was gone by the time it got dark, we could see the stars that night.

We are now situated in Boulder city for the next 5 nights.  Our intention is to visit the Hoover Dam and check out the area attractions.  So on Sunday the 9th we will be pointing our home on wheels north and heading home.


3 thoughts on “Slow Down and Catch Up

  1. We were with you all the way Richard, having done that route in February 2015. HOWEVER, never so detailed notes or amazing photos, although the iphones weren’t too bad. We did not go to the skywalk. Was too much time, too many rules, and too expensive in our view. Looking forward to your Hoover Dam photos. Tom and Rose


    • In my experience it is very hard to have one long exposure for a star trail. So I have switched to many, many, 30 second exposures. I get things all set up and then let the camera fire away for an hour or so. I think this one was just over an hour with around 100 exposures. I add them all together in Photo Shop and this is what you get.


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