White on the Ground

Holy Cow!!

Last night was a little windy.  The weather report said we had gusts up to 60 MPH.  Along with the wind, we had rain but the rain quickly turned white.  By the time we went to bed the ground was covered.

This morning the sun tried to peek out but kept getting covered up by the clouds. Our thermometer was showing 5℃, brrrrrr. All day the weather was unsettled.  We would get some cheery sun and then grey clouds followed by snow.  Nothing collecting on the ground yet but as the night progresses, we may see it in the morning.

Today was a bit of a lazy day.  We stayed in, trying to stay warm.  While the sun was shining we popped over to Safeway to grab a few things that had disappeared from the fridge.  After leaving Safeway we took a quick tour around Williams.  It didn’t take very long as the town isn’t very big.  Their sure are a lot of shops with the Route 66 moniker.

Hopefully the weather will smarten up so we can at least get back to the Grand Canyon before we leave.  Only time will tell.  If we have to stay indoors another day, so be it.

This is what we woke up to this morning.


2 thoughts on “White on the Ground

  1. We have less snow than you do hahaha. Hopefully yours has all melted by now. It must be close to the time you get back home?


    • The weather seems to change with the elevation. In Williams @7000′ we were sitting around 4℃ for the high. In Meadowview @3500′ we were in the teens. The snow is gone but we have seen it on top of mountains as we approached Las Vegas.


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