Today was a great day.

We woke up early today so we could get to Williams Arizona in the early afternoon.  The sun was shining and the temperature was already 22℃ when we pulled out of the RV resort at 10:30 on our way to Phoenix.

The highway was good and the scenery was changing.  As we passed through Phoenix the saguaro became scarce and as we approached Flagstaff the desert was slowly replaced with grass and then tall pine trees.  It was a nice change.

The elevation in Tucson is around 2600 feet,  We slowly increased in elevation until we reached the Arizona Divide at 7335 feet and then slowly descended to Williams at 6900 feet.  At times it was a bit of a struggle to climb the steep inclines and not speed in the declines as we passed through the mountains on our to Flagstaff.  Some of these declines were a 6% grade, watch out for brake fade.

Not only did we see a change in elevation, we also saw a change in temperature.  As I mentioned we started off at 22℃, this rose to a high of 30℃ around Phoenix but dropped as we got higher in elevation, registering 18℃ once we pulled into the Grand Canyon Railway RV Resort.  

There was a notice at the desk while I registered in Williams, it mentioned that I either had to have a heated water hose or I needed to disconnect my hose at night as they are in the freezing range at night.  I think tomorrow we will hang up our short pants and put away our sandals and pull out our long pants, socks and coats as we head off to the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

Here is an example of the change in scenery.  This is Humphreys peak, the highest point in Arizona (12,633 ft).  It was visible as we traveled north on I-17.


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