Climbing A Mountain

In many parts of Tucson you can look toward a nearby hill and see a giant white letter A. For the last few weeks we have been saying that we should check it out.  Well that day was today.  Bev had notice on the city tourist map we have it is shown as “A Mountain” or Sentinel Peak Park.  Here is another view of the park. I know that all the streets are not listed on this tourist map so I jumped onto Google Earth and found coordinates I could pop into the truck’s GPS, and we were off.

Well after a short drive we were in the parking lot near the top of the hill.  I was able to take a couple of panoramic pictures from the parking lot as well as the top of the mountain.  The view is overlooking the town of Tucson from various directions.  The mountains on the horizon are either the Santa Catalina or the Santa Rita mountains.  The pictures can’t capture what your eye can see.  You will get better detail if you click on the picture and zoom in.


2 thoughts on “Climbing A Mountain

  1. The panoramic pictures really show the topography of Tucson. We were amazed that it appears like there are no trees (or at least anything “tall”). It just looks hot and dry.


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