Travel Update

From our last post we had only secured a place to park in Williams AZ so we could visit the Grand Canyon’s south face.  We knew the route we would take to see the Skywalk and the Hoover dam, we just didn’t have anyplace to call home during those visits.  With a little research today and a few phone calls, we have now secured someplace to park our RV while we site see.  From Williams we will stop at Meadowview RV Park in Meadowview AZ.  This is the closest RV Park to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.  From here we will head over to Border City NV to stay at Canyon Trail RV Park. Here we will stay a few days and check out Hoover Dam.  From there we will head into Las Vegas and back into Canada via I-15.

We haven’t got that much time left here in Tucson and are realizing there are a lot more we wanted to do.  Some things are falling off the list and others are considered after consulting the weather forecast.  For instance, yesterday was supposed to be cool and rainy.  What great weather for a road trip.  We were off to Tubac.  We got a little bit of a late start and didn’t end up in Tubac until after lunch.  Wow, what a place for art, stuff you hang on the wall and stuff you put in your garden or yard.  We visited many galleries as well as shops with jewelry, most of it by Native Americans artists. It was unfortunate that we only saw about ½ the shops, but we did stop at a local coffee shop and enjoyed tea and a sticky bun out on the patio.  It was a wonderful day, I think we will go back, but I am not sure when.  Oh, and we went through another border inspection checkpoint on the way back home.  We were ready this time, but they just waved us through.

While we have been here, we have tried to go for a bike ride in the park every day. If we go up and down every street we end up travelling about 10 KMs.  There are a lot of park model trailers here and a most of them have some sort of garden between the front of their trailer and the street.  There isn’t a lot of room, maybe 4 feet, but some of the gardens are quite lovely.  Most of the gardens have cactus as the main feature.  We have been noticing that the Fish Hook Barrel Cactus are ready to bloom and sure enough the other day we noticed the buds had opened up.  Some of the other types of cactus in these gardens were also in bloom.  The camera came out today and I was able to get a few pictures.  Well actually I stopped at all the cactus that were blooming.  I will put a few of  them at the end of the post.

For those that don’t know, a Park Model Trailer is a mobile home, but are designed for a long-term stay, they mostly remain parked.  They are pulled into place, connected to the utilities, put up on blocks, the tires removed and the bottom is skirted.  Today as we were taking pictures we had an opportunity to talk to a lady that had just bought her trailer and was quite excited about her blooming cactus.  She mentioned we should have been around 4 in the morning and we could have seen the 10 or so Javelina that were banging into her trailer skirt, trying to get under her trailer.  They left a little damage that she wasn’t expecting.  Now wouldn’t that have been exciting.

Here is a splash of colour we captured today.



One thought on “Travel Update

  1. Your pictures of the cactus are wonderful. Yesterday we went to the Gardenscape show and one of the displays had several cactus that were in bloom. However, they were much smaller and less spectacular than those in your pictures.


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