Arizona Update

It has been a while since I last sat down and put our thoughts on-screen.  There hasn’t been a lot going on, but things have been going on.

Tucson has set a number of temperature records this last week.  I think the most significant record is Tucson has been over 90 degrees for the last 10 days.  We have seen 94 or 95 for the last 4 days. It has been hot during the day with the wind coming in the later afternoon followed by dead calm at sunset.   I don’t think I have to tell you but we have been spending most afternoons at the pool. After the second day of this heat wave we decided we should probably turn the air-conditioner on.  Our RV only has 1 air-conditioned and we have learned in the past that it can’t keep up with the increase in outside temperature but any help it could provide would be welcome.  Boy were we surprised when the air coming out was as warm as the outside air.  Something was not right.  Let’s get the repairman in right away.

I called Camping World and was asked to leave a message, which I wasn’t willing to do so I visited the office and asked if they had any recommendations for a mobile repair service.  They were very helpful and gave me three business cards.  The first business I called explained they were not taking anymore appointments in March.  The second business was actually at the resort and they could be over in a few minutes to assess our problem.  Upon arrival they checked the air-conditioner and advised me it needed to be replaced.  I thought all it needed was a re-charge but I guess they don’t do that for RV air-conditioners.  She called her supplier who had a replacement in stock, it would be shipped tomorrow and they would be back later tomorrow afternoon to do the install.

Around 6:30 the next day, Bev mentioned that it would have been nice if they had phoned to say they got backed up and wouldn’t be able to make, in another ½ hour it would be too dark to work outside.  Well no sooner said, we got a phone call that they would be around right away.  In just over one hour the couple had the old unit removed, the new unit installed and the air plenum fixed.  I would recommend this company to anyone who needs service.  They were courteous, professional, quick and thorough.  They told us they work 100 hours/week. Now we can keep the RV a little cooler than the outside.

We have visited some places it Tucson but not nearly as much as we would like to.  Every time we drive in or through the downtown section we realize just how little we know about the city.  One of the places we visited earlier in our stay was Philabaum Glass Gallery & Studio.  Wow, do they ever have some interesting pieces.  Anything we liked didn’t have a place to be displayed at home or was out of our budget.  While there we were able to sit and watch the artists at work in the studio.

Today it was a little cooler, by about 6℃, so we decided to check out a shop called The Happy Saguaro.  We had heard about this shop while at the pool.  We are always looking for unique things for the garden and thought we might find something here.  They have some very unique pottery and metal art but the things we liked wouldn’t fit in the garden.  We left empty-handed.

We then headed over to another place we learned about at the pool, Humble Pie, a pizza place that was next to Frost, a gelato shop.  The meat lover’s pizza I had and the butternut squash soup and bruschetta Bev had were very delicious.  After topping that off with a gelato we were back into Tucson.  Tomorrow’s weather is not supposed to be great so the plan is to head south on I-19 and visit the town of Tubac. We have heard the area has a large number of local artists, maybe we will find something we just have to bring home.

Now with a travel update.  We are here at Rincon Country RV Park for another week.  Next Wednesday we will head north on I-10 toward Phoenix, around Phoenix continuing on I-17 to Flagstaff and then west on I-40 to Williams.  We are booked in at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park for 4 nights.  That should give us enough time to explore the Grand Canyon.  Our intention is to then travel west and visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Wikipedia has more to offer about the attraction.  Then it will be off to Las Vegas so we can stop in at the Hoover Dam, another place we have not seen.  We will then turn north onto I-15 and be back in Canada in no time.

Boy the winter seems to have gone by fast.


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