Pool Therapy

The last few days have been fantastic, sunny and warm.  We have been taking advantage of the  weather around the pool.  The pool isn’t very far from our spot so we pack a bag with our towels and snacks, jump on our bikes and peddle on over.  Usually we can find space on the bike rack at the pool.  The number of bikes we see when we arrive gives us an indication of the number of people there, as well as the availability of a chair or lounge.

We usually arrive around 1 P.M. and have had no problems finding a place to sit.  On one side of the pool-deck there is a covered section and around the pool there are some large palm trees.  These provide a space where you can get out of the sun if you choose.  Yesterday we were a little confused as there was a sign on the pool gate indicating there was a Private Reception, Pool Open.  There were people sitting around and in the pool but the covered section was set up for a party.  There were decorations, tablecloths and extra chairs set up.  Closer investigation  showed more chairs set up on the grass in the courtyard and there were musicians practicing.

We didn’t want to be interfering in any private activities so when I went to get my free coffee I stopped in at the office to see what was what.  They informed me that the pool was not closed but there was going to be a reception for a couple that live at the resort.  It turns out they were celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary.  What an accomplishment. As the afternoon progressed, the chairs in the courtyard filled, the Bride and Groom were ushered in and the musicians (people from the resort) played a few songs, Here Comes the Bride being one of them.  Then the local choir came out and sang a few songs that related to their longevity as a couple.  The party then moved onto the pool deck where the grills had been fired up for a late lunch.  Of course cake was also served.  Everything smelled good, unfortunately we were not part of the action.

Today there was another party, much smaller though. Happy Birthday celebrations were the order of the day.  We didn’t see much as our chairs were pointed into the sun.  Today was also the Tri-Tip Man food truck at the resort.  We had missed this food truck every week in the past. Our intention today was to get our sandwich or burrito and eat by the pool.  We noticed they were set up when we biked over to the pool, smoking the meat in the parking lot.  After we got set up poolside I remembered I left my wallet at the RV so I walked back to get it.  I also stopped at the food truck to check it out, good thing I did.  It turns out their schedule had changed but it wasn’t reflected in the park’s newsletter.  It turns out they are at the park this month between 12 and 4ish, or whenever they run out of beef not 4 to 6 as advertised.  The person I was talking to said the beef was ready now If I wanted to take some with me.  I told her it was 1:30 and to early for supper. She told me they should have some left at 4.  I would be back.  Around 4 I walked over and purchased 2 burritos while Bev set the chairs around a table.  There was only about ¼ of the roasts left from what I had spied a few hours earlier.  Back at the pool we quickly unwrapped our food and had a bite.  They were delicious.  I am pretty sure we will be visiting them again next Thursday.

A week or so ago while bike riding around the resort we spied another RV from the same manufacturer as ours, a Columbus. A day later the owners were out when we biked by so we stopped to say hello. It turns out they have been here for a few months and were heading home soon.  It turns out, home was La Ronge.  Well two days ago we met another fellow who has been here most of the winter. He told us that in a few days his brother is going to fly in and stay with him for a week and they will drive back home together.  It turns out his home is La Ronge too.  It’s a small world eh?

Well the clear warm days progress into cool clear nights. I wanted to get some star photos so I thought I could set up my camera around the camper to test out the camera setting I needed to use.  Those setting that I had forgotten.  If I can get things figured out I will probably head off out of the city one night, get a darker sky, and see what I can get.  Meanwhile here is what I captured behind the RV.  I had forgotten to focus on Polaris (the north star) so my next shots will hopefully have the mountains in the foreground with the stars rotating around Polaris.

Camper on our driver side and the camper behind them.

Camper on our passenger side and a Park Model trailer behind us. They are illuminated by a street lamp in front of our truck. You can see the shadow of our awning on the Park Model.


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