Lets Slow Down

Yesterday was all planned out.  In the afternoon we were going to visit Sabino Canyon in the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area and then get back to the RV Resort around 4 PM so we could have supper from the Tri-Tip Man food truck.  Then on Friday the weather was going to be warmer so we would spend the afternoon at the pool and catch Jane’s Rolling Wok food truck for supper. There are a few food trucks that visit the resort and we haven’t been around when they have. Things didn’t work out as planned.

Well yesterday we did get to Sabino Canyon.  It took us about an hour to get into the canyon and on the way I was able to spy 4 Javelina grazing on the side of the road in a residential neighbourhood.  Unfortunately there was no way for us to stop and take a few pictures. The draw for us to Sabino Canyon is the narrated tram tour into the canyon.  I have had my fill of hiking and we were looking forward to someone else driving. After paying an entrance fee and finding a parking spot, the parking lot was very full, we spent some time at the Visitor Centre and then bought our tram tickets. While we were waiting for the tram this little fellow was running around. Actually, he was also around when we returned from our tour.


They have things organized quite well.  The Trams leave every ½ hour.  There are 9 stops along the way.  All of them have picnic facilities and some of them have bathrooms.  You can hop-on and hop-off at any of the stops, all day long. While we were at the Visitor Centre we were told about Anderson Dam at stop 8.  It is a nice place to hop-off and explore the area.  We decided that we would take the tram to the last stop and hop-off at stop 8 on the way back down.  That way we could explore at our leisure.

The tour was narrated so we learned some confusing facts as to the origin of the canyon name.  We also learned about the naming of the Anderson Dam.  A rock was pointed out to us and were told all sorts of information about it.  The only thing that I remember, the most important fact I am sure, is that the rocks look like snoopy sleeping on his doghouse.


Wake up Snoopy

We travelled up to stop 9 and then headed back down the canyon.  We got off the tram at stop 8 and had a quiet time at Sabino Creek.  Here are some pictures I captured.


dsc_2214 dsc_2218

After our time by the water, we caught the next tram.  It was going back up the canyon so we saw the short section between stops 8 & 9 again.  We were back in the truck and travelling back to town around 4:30.  We knew the food truck was supposed to be at the resort between 4 and 6 and hoped we would make it in time.  We arrived back at 5:30 with no sign of the truck in sight. He starts his smoker in the parking lot mid afternoon and we figured once all the smoked tri-tips were sold, he would probably leave.  Oh well, we will try again next week.

Today, it did warm up, but it was very cloudy and windy.  It wouldn’t be very nice at the pool so we hung around on our patio reading.  I biked over to the office to check if there was any mail and got myself a fresh coffee.  Come 4:30 we drove over to the office and sure enough, Jane’s Rolling Wok was serving up supper.  We purchased our supper and instead of traveling back to our RV we decided to eat in the courtyard.  It was nice, quiet, with a view of the pool.  While  there two hummingbirds came and flitted around entertaining us.

All in all, it was a nice two days. We will take it easy again tomorrow.  The weather is supposed to be warmer with less clouds.  So we may end up at the pool after all.


2 thoughts on “Lets Slow Down

  1. Sounds like you had a nice time at Sabino Canyon. Too bad you couldn’t get a picture of the Javelina. It must have been something to see them. Those food trucks sound interesting. As usual we really enjoyed your pictures.


    • It was just a passing glance of the Javelina as we drove by. We would have liked to have seen them for more than a second.

      Sounds like you and Mary need to get in the car and drive south, way south, and get away from the blizzard or are you having to much fun with your snowblower?


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