Mt Lemmon AZ


Today we decided to venture out and head on up to Mt Lemmon. We had met a couple at the pool who mentioned it was an interesting drive and that there was a restaurant at the top.  We thought it would be a nice day away from the resort and could be an interesting place to have a late lunch.


We left the resort around noon.  We stopped and grabbed a coffee and a mocha frappe’ from McDonald’s and I noticed the temperature reported by the truck was 20℃. and time to get to the top of the mountain was close to 2 hours.

Traveling through Tucson between 40 and 50 miles/hour changed to 25 to 30 miles/hour once we got on the Catalina Highway There are numerous pull out spots along the way where you can stop and have a look at the incredibly scenery.  I took a few pictures but there is just no way  a two-dimensional picture can even come close to representing the grander of the area.

As we rose in elevation there was an obvious change in the vegetation.  At the beginning, we were in the desert with saguaro cactus where ever you looked.  As we rose in elevation the cacti thinned and we entered a definite grassland.  The grass was brown, tall and often surrounded by brush.  Soon we noticed the rocks had changed colours and there were hoodoos to be found.  And then we were in a pine forest.  It was quite a change for the short drive up the mountain.




You can see the highway off to the right.

You may see some climbers in this picture

You may see some climbers in this picture


We will be down there in a minute. Tucson is in the background.


More climbers

The distance travelled may have been short but we didn’t reach the end of the road until close to 4 PM.  At the end of the road we had a very clear view of the ski lifts and runs.  There still is snow around.  Tonight the weather reported freezing temperatures for the mountain peak.


Yes, that’s snow, on March 1

We had a look at the restaurant, The Iron Door, and found it was closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and today was Wednesday.  I guess luck wasn’t on our side.  Oh, and you might be wondering, the temperature on the truck informed us it was 4℃.  It was quite a change.  Both Bev and I were both happy we had worn long pants and brought a jacket.

We ended up in Summerhaven, the small community on the mountain, hoping to find a place to grab something to eat.  We were surprised to find a restaurant, it was closed, but found a pizza and cookie shop a little farther into the community.  They were just getting ready to close but we were able to get a couple BBQ chicken on a bun and a drink.  Before they kicked us out we were off again, but this time travelling down the mountain.

We ended up back at the RV Resort just before 7 after a wonderful day in the cool mountain air. Tomorrow we might end up at Sabino Canyon.


One thought on “Mt Lemmon AZ

  1. Those pictures are amazing. We followed your blog on a map so can see where you went and specifically the changes in elevation (the map had contour lines). It’s really interesting the different climate zones as you drive higher and higher. Shows the area isn’t just all desert. The snow probably reminded you of home and why you are there and not here. lol


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