All Tucked In

Yesterday it started to rain in the middle of the afternoon and the temperature dropped.  It continued to rain steady, all night long.  Our hope was that it would let up by the morning so we wouldn’t have to finish packing or drive in the rain.  When we got up it had quite raining but the low dark clouds were looming.  It was quite a change in scenery with dark clouds surrounding the nearby mountains.

The check-out time was 11 A.M. so we had to be ready to go by then.  We didn’t want to leave much earlier than that as we only had 45 miles to travel to our next destination.  We didn’t know the time we could check-in, it is usually 1 P.M., so we wanted to take as much time as we could.

We stopped in at the RV Office about 10:30 to hand in our digital cable box.  We also spent a minute or two chatting with the office staff and then we were on the road.  In less than one hour we were pulling into the office at Rincon County West RV Park.  Luck was with us and were allowed to check in right away.  After getting a pile of information about the park, all the clubs and activities in the park, we were on our way to site 938.  It was just down the street and around the corner.  We had checked it our earlier in the week just to make sure it would fit our RV.  With a little backing up magic the RV was sitting beside our concrete patio, the jacks were lowered and truck unhooked.  By 1:30 everything was set up and all the necessary cleaning completed and we were out sitting in the sun having a light lunch and a cool beverage. We were all tucked in.

Life is good.


Our spot for the next 4 weeks.


2 thoughts on “All Tucked In

  1. We found your site 938 on the resort map. We noticed it is very close to one of the exercise centres in the park. Was this on purpose? lol
    Seriously, the picture of your trailer with the Canadian flag is cool. Has anyone commented on it ie are there other Canadians there who noticed the flag and stopped by?


    • Exercise? you must be kidding. But I did find a place where I can get free coffee every day and on Fridays they throw in a free donut. Can’t get any better than that. No one has stopped specifically regarding the flag. Be are parked beside someone from BC, they pulled in a couple of hours after us, we exchanged hellos after he got parked and there was another trailer from BC behind us. They have left now. Everyone here is very friendly.


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