Who Is Ready for A Road Trip?

As if we haven’t driven a few hundred miles in the last week, we went on a road trip today. We had nothing really planned so we thought we could travel south of Benson on SR90 to Sierra Vista, head over to Tombstone and head back to Benson on SR80.  We had to be back at the resort for our free meal at 5 P.M.

While on our way to Sierra Vista we stopped in at Kartchner Caverns State Park.  I had a few questions about the hiking trails as well as the cavern tours.  With my answers in hand we were off to Sierra Vista.  We got turned around a few times while trying to find the “Down Town” area and never saw the Walmart store.  Not really having anything planned for this town we headed out to the junction of SR90 and SR80.  Before we got to this junction we pulled off the road into San Pedro House Trails.  This is a spot with a hiking trail along the San Pedro river that is supposed to shelter many species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds.  It needed my attention.


San Pedro River

As far as animals go, the only thing I was able to see were a few Coots a pond and a few Redpols at the bird feeder.  I did however learn that one of the very common plants in the area is called the Soaptree Yucca.  It was interesting to learn that the root was used to make soap, the flowers and buds were used as food and the leaves were used to make baskets, sandals and mats.  I also learned that the brush we have been seeing all over the area might be the Velvet Mesquite.  It is a shrubby, thorny tree whose beans were used as food.

dsc_1867 dsc_1869Once we reached the junction, instead of turning left up to Tombstone we headed right to the historic mining town of Bisbee.  Boy are we glad we did, what an interesting town.  We turned off SR80 onto a road called Bisbee Canyon.  Well it turned out we exited off the State Road and ended up driving into residential Bisbee.  But don’t think of a neighbourhood with streets in a grid pattern.  Oh no, here was one main street sandwiched between two canyons in the Mule Mountains.  The road was narrow and twisty.  Not much wider than 2 narrow lanes and when we got to the business district, a narrow sidewalk on each side of the road protected the numerous storefronts.  I can’t remember how many craft stores, museums, art galleries we saw. It is a very artsy town.  I understand you can take a guided tour on the mine train into the Copper Queen Mine.  We may have to come back and check that out.

Finishing our tour of Bisbee we headed back onto SR80 to Tombstone.  Before to long we reached another Border Inspection Station.  This time they noticed we had Canadian licence plates and just told us to “have a nice day”.  They didn’t even ask us any questions.  There didn’t seem much to see or do in Tombstone so we just passed on through and before long we were back at the RV Park for a 5 o’clock supper.

And yes the pulled pork, baked beans and chips were delicious.  I think we are going back tomorrow for the roast turkey and all the fixin’s.


2 thoughts on “Who Is Ready for A Road Trip?

  1. Just when we were wondering what was going on with you guys, we received notification of three blog updates one right after the other. We opened up the maps for the various legs of your relocation from South Padre to Benson. Sounds like it was quite an interesting drive. You sure covered a lot of ground. How long are you staying at the RV park near Benson?


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