Welcome to Benson AZ

Today we went into town to explore.  Our primary purpose was to visit Walmart.  It turns out that one of the resort rules is that all the sewer hoses have to be elevated.  Well we have two hoses connected to Y adaptor at the sewer connection in the park, but I only have one elevation tray.  Benson has a small Walmart and our plan was to travel south to Sierra Vista, a much larger community, if the Walmart here didn’t have one.

We were in luck; Walmart was able to deliver.  For the rest of the afternoon we were planning on visiting a small local coffee shop that specialized in fresh coffee, specialty teas and fresh-baked goods.  The place is called “Fat Possum Coffeehouse”.  How could you go wrong with a place called that?  Well we couldn’t find it so we headed over to the Benson Visitor Information Center to see if they could tell us if they were still in business.  If they weren’t, we could go to Safeway and visit Starbucks instead.

Well it turns out we were looking in the correct place so we went back for a closer look.  We discovered that the address for the coffee shop now houses a vapour smoke shop.  We didn’t stop in.  What we did find on our quest for fresh-baked goods and coffee was an ice cream shop.  We decided to swap our coffee for a frozen treat.  It turns out this ice cream shop has 50 flavours of soft serve and 6 flavours of hard ice cream along with hot and cold teas and coffees, sundaes and shakes.

I think we will be back.


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