Sunsets, Birds and Brownsville

If you didn’t know, Bev loves animals.  I have seen her feed mountain goats, Jujubes out of her car window and now she has started taking bread with her to the beach.  The rules in the RV Park state you are not supposed to feed the wildlife, but it’s allowed on the beach. I guess it is safer to feed the Gulls than have a mountain goat’s head peering in your car window.  So the Gulls here get a treat.

For some reason we have dried bread cubes in the RV.  I am not sure why.  For all I know they were bought specifically to feed the birds.  Now we can’t have the birds eating dried bread, oh no.  Before we head out to the beach, Bev packs up the dried bread in a zip lock bag along with a slice of fresh bread.  By the time we get on the beach and settled down, the dried bread has a little moisture and the treats are ready to hand out.

When I see Bev packing the bread for the beach, I make sure to pack my hat.

dsc_1680 dsc_1681 dsc_1684 dsc_1685 dsc_1709

If you have following along on our journey, you might have noticed the sunset pictures.  I can’t say enough about the amazing sunset skies.  The weather and clouds are changing constantly which help provide the beautiful picture to end each day.  Here are a few.

panorama2 panorama3

dsc_1710 dsc_1712 dsc_1714

Remember I said you were not supposed to feed the wildlife.  Well the other day we were out in front of the RV having some tea and fresh made brad muffins, and guess who shows up for a hand-out? Our friendly Great-Tailed Grackle. I was thinking they followed Bev from the beach the other day and were back for some more food.  They hung around until we were finished our muffins.  There was one bird in particular that seemed to be the boss.  He, or was it a she, paraded around with his head in the air.  A few times it made a very different call and puffed out it’s feathers.  I am not sure if it was trying to say to the other birds “get away, I’m the boss” or to us, “I’m the boss, you had better give me some more food”.

dsc_1726 dsc_1728 dsc_1732

The other day we decided to travel into Brownsville.  The propane regulator on our table top BBQ was acting up and we were looking for a replacement.  After driving around for quite some time we were un-successful. I think the short story is our BBQ is too old.  One of the other reasons to go to Brownsville is their zoo.  We had planned on visiting, but because of the on and off rain we were experiencing, decided not to.  Instead we took a detour and headed off to Boco Chico BeachNow Brownsville is about 30 minutes from Port Isabelle as is Boco Chico beach.  Unfortunately, the Brownsville Ship Channel is between them.  So to get back to Port Isabel and South Padre Island we had to travel back to Brownsville.  On our way back we had to pass through a Border Inspection Station.  The border guards were telling us that they daily pick up people illegally crossing the border and in places like McAllen they are regularly filling busses with people wanting to get into the United States.   From this inspection station they told us you could almost throw a rock into Mexico.  We could also see portions of a fence, even though the border is the Rio Grande River.  If you want to hear a funny story, ask Bev about her experience at this inspection station.

Oh, and our travel plans have changed.  We were only supposed to be here for one month which means we should have pulled out of here today.  But we like it here so much we tried to stay another month but were only able to extend our stay until the end of the month.  From here we have secured a three-week stay in Tucson.  The only wrinkle we need to work out is our arrive date is Feb 13th and it will only take us 5 or 6 days to drive from here.  In the next few days we will have to find someplace else to stay for the extra week we have on our hands.

What an adventure.


2 thoughts on “Sunsets, Birds and Brownsville

  1. Nice bird pictures. Does Bev hold a piece of muffin for you (like in the pictures where she is feeding the birds) and you swoop in to eat it? lol Too bad you couldn’t stay even longer where you are. It sounds like a great location. Really interesting to hear what the border guards described re: the illegal immigrant situation.


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