Let Them Go

Thursday is here and there is going to be a rescued turtle release today on the beach.  We hadn’t heard any additional advertising for this event so I didn’t think there would be many people out for it.  Boy was I wrong.

We headed down to where the release was to take place around 11:30. The release was scheduled for noon.  By the time we got there, the parking lot was full, the steps down to the beach were closed, an area from the steps to the water were cordoned off with hundreds of people standing, waiting for the turtles.

Bev and I found a place in the crowd close to where a black truck was parked in the no-go zone. After moving a few empty beach chairs Bev was able to get a little close to the front of the line.  It turns out the larger turtles were in the back of the truck.  These big brutes were up to 80 pounds.  Unfortunately, when things got rolling, we didn’t see them in the truck or being released.  Soon enough the staff and volunteers of Sea Turtle Inc. started walking from the parking lot down to the beach.  We were able to see (if you were up front) the turtles being carried to the water and being released.

dsc_1632 dsc_1634 dsc_1647 dsc_1671


Beside there being a lot of turtles and people on the beach there were also a lot of media.  The local TV station was there filming the event.  Sea Turtle Inc. was also filming and there was a drone flying around as well.  I was able to find the Sea Turtle Inc. footage on their website.  You can see what they filmed here. You might see us around the 7:14 and 13:44 mark.  I have on a red T-shirt and a black ball cap.  Bev and I are both standing beside a man in a lime green shirt with his arms in the air.

The local TV news aired their story on the 6 o’clock news.  You can catch their broadcast here.

After all the turtles were released, the barricade came down and Bev and I were able to go and talk to one of the staff.  Bev was caught in the news cast around the 1:48 mark standing beside that black truck..

Depending on who you talked to, the number of turtles rescued and released varied.  The staff member we talked to told us there were 191 cold stunned turtles rescued with about 50 released today.  All but 5 of those rescued were released.  Two needed surgery and 3 perished.

I wasn’t able to find any drone footage.  I think that it would have been much better view of the event.

All in all, we think it was a great event and were happy to be apart of it.


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