Fog Bow

The last couple of days we have seen a change in the weather.  Previously we have had fog most of the day and into the night. Sometimes we can’t even see the parking lot only a few feet behind the RV.  Recently we have only seen the fog at night with it burning off around lunch time.  This has allowed us to head to the beach, get some sun and listen to the roar of the ocean.

The surf flags are still RED, probably because the breaking waves are about 4 or 5 feet high.  There is very little breeze but if you only listened to the roar, you would think there was a huge storm going on.

With the sun came more people.  It helped that it is Christmas break.  It was nice to see so many families enjoying themselves in the sun and surf.  Siblings running in the sand, pushing each other into the water or getting buried in the sand.  There have also been numerous people in the water on surf and kite boards to watch.

Yesterday the fog was not completely gone when we were at the beach.  It would drift in and then clear up. The previous post shows a picture of a high-rise building with the top half stuck in the fog.  Well today the top had a view, the bottom floors, not so much.


With that reoccuring fog we got to view a Fog Bow.  This was the first time we had seen such a thing. It was quite white with only a very little bit of colour on the outside edge, near the water’s surface.  This colour didn’t show up in the photo.


Around supper time the fog was really thick in the west.  As the sun set, the view over the palm tress by the RV was spectacular.  There was a quite bright disk buried in the fog that was behind the trees.  After I finished talking with the neighbour and got my camera the scene had completely changed.  The disc had disappeared. But tonight, while tending the BBQ, I could see the situation might just repeat itself.  I quickly got my camera.  Well the clouds were not as thick but they still presented a fantastic sight.



dsc_1384 dsc_1386 dsc_1387


2 thoughts on “Fog Bow

  1. I’m really enjoying your posts (a lovely vicarious holiday) and just noticed that many of the pictures in you Dec 28 post remind me of the Eagles album cover for Hotel California!


  2. Once again, these are wonderful pictures. It’s hard to believe there is so much fog. At least you can enjoy the sun part of the day. We’re jealous…today we’re having a huge dump of snow. At least it isn’t very cold: relatively fog for us at least. lol


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