New Neighbourhood

On Tuesday we hooked up and “got outa Dodge”, well actually, got out of Mathis..  It didn’t really take a lot of time because any jobs that could be done ahead were completed the day before.  The lawn chairs were packed away, as were the bikes and BBQ.  After breakfast all connections to the outside world were severed.  The water, sewer and electric cable were all stowed away in the RV basement.  I needed to climb up on the roof and sweep of the slide tops. We were parked under an oak tree and during our stay there were a lot of things falling out of the tree onto the roof.  We needed to make sure the slide tops were clean before we brought them in.  By 10 AM we were on the road.

We headed out of Mathis on I-35 toward Corpus Christi and then turned south on US 77 towards Brownsville.  Before we got to Brownsville we headed east on State Highway 100 into Port Isabel.  After about four hours on the road we were pulling into Isla Blanca Park.  In short order we had our spot picked out and were all set up.  The actual time on the road was interesting.  We travelled through ranch land, farm land, oil/gas facilities as well as a large potion south of Sarita where there was nothing, just lots of bush. During our travels in the past we witnessed the blades for wind turbines being transported down the highway.  All these blades were traveling north but while we were traveling east on State Highway 100 we ran by a huge wind farm.  We passed somewhere between 30 or 40 turbines on the north side of the highway.  The interesting thing is the blades were not rotating.  There was a slight breeze but maybe not enough to generate power. Who knows?

For those of you that don’t follow my Tweets, they are visible on the right sidebar of this blog. You can see we have a back-in spot very close to the dune with a walkway through the dune onto the beach.  You can also see the view we have from our kitchen window.  If you follow me on Facebook you will know we are really enjoying the sound of the surf.

Since we left Mathis the temperature has been on the increase and the clouds have been in and out. Today I headed down to the beach and had a little walk.  The park does a pretty good job removing the garbage that rolls in with the tide.  But during my walk there were large sections of sand that were covered with clam and oyster shells.  There were also a large number of star fish and jellyfish that had washed up onto the sand.  I also had a walk around the park and found a great place to capture sunset photos.

After lunch we headed into town, actually two towns, South Padre Island and Port Isabel.  We travelled from one end of the island to the other.  Bev and I were both surprised at the number of businesses on the island.  Most of them were associated with the tourist industry.  We then headed across the causeway into Port Isabel and had another tour around.  We stopped in at an auto parts store to get a bulb for one of the lamps in the RV and then headed over to HEB and Walmart.  It was getting later in the afternoon so we decided to stop for supper at Whataburger.  We had seen this restaurant in southern Texas before, almost in every town we have stayed in.  They have been advertising a sweet and spicy, double cheese bacon burger on TV that looks pretty good and Bev thought their chicken strips were good as well.  We also tried their Honey BBQ dipping sauce and spicy ketchup.  I liked both of them but Bev thought the dipping sauce was a little too smokey.

When we returned to the RV, I headed out to snap a sunset shot.  Well I was about 15 minutes late but was able to get a partial panorama.  If you look real close on the right hand side you may be able to see the causeway that connects the island to the mainland.


Stay tuned for more adventures as we become familiar with our new neighbourhood,


2 thoughts on “New Neighbourhood

  1. It was interesting following your latest relocation on a road map. Found the web page for Isla Blanca Park. What is your site number and street name in the park? How long will you guys be at this park? Are you planning to visit Brownsville?


    • We are right near the ocean in spot S6. Just a short hop over the parking lot and down the boardwalk to the water. We are here until Jan 20-2017. After Christmas, Bev will hit the maps again and find us a new spot for that move. From what we see now there is nothing drawing us into Brownsville, but you never know.


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