Another State Park

After my last post I felt bad that I didn’t provide links for the birds I had captured.  These links provide an opportunity for me (and you) to learn a little more about the local wildlife.  So here is some more information for you.

Inca Dove Great Kiskadee
Green Jay Northern Cardinal
Greater Roadrunner Black-Bellied Whistling-Duck

On one of the sunny days this week, I took another trip down to the water’s edge to see if there were any photo opportunities.  Well there were our familiar American Koot and the ever-present deer.

dsc_1220 dsc_1221

We spent another day outside to park.  We ventured out, back up I-37 and spent the day at Choke Canyon State Park. It was a dreary, overcast, foggy day so we didn’t get to see the real beauty of the facility.  There are two separate parts to this park.  One is just a day use area with a boat launch and picnic spots.  The other area also has a boat launch and picnic spots along with hiking trails, recreation hall, camping spots, a basketball and tennis court as well as baseball field and gymnasium.

All of the picnic spots are covered so we were able to be out of the rain while having our lunch.  The lake is formed by the damning of the Frio river. There must be a good fish population here as there were many fishers on the water and many boat trailers in the parking lot.

Earlier in the week our neighbour came over to our campsite and while we were chatting, he asked us if we had seen any wild boars or Javelinas in the park.  We hadn’t and he explained that in previous visits to the park, he had seen them actually walking down the road in the campsite.  From watching nature shows on TV we knew of the destruction wild boars can do to the landscape.  Well, while at Choke Canyon I noticed a large patch of grass that was quite disturbed.  It looked like someone had taken a rototiller and quickly turned over the grass into large clumps.  Upon seeing this I wondered if this was the work of a wild boar or Javelina?

Of course there was also the wildlife we encountered.  While in the park we were able to see an Armadillo as well as a few more Green Jays. Unfortunately, they were either to far away or only flew by so there are no photos.  But I was able to get pictures of more deer, Northern Cardinal, Great Blue Heron, you don’t always find them near the water and the Crested Caracara.

dsc_1226 dsc_1229 dsc_1233 dsc_1235 dsc_1239 dsc_1242 dsc_1243 dsc_1250

One animal we didn’t see were the resident alligators.  I suspect they were all in a state of semi hibernation due to the cool weather.  Now if the sun had been out we may have spied a few sunning themselves near the water.  At the park office they had a photo of a resident alligator from 2014 that was HUGE.   It would have been nice to see one but we are kind of glad we didn’t.

Well another week and we will be setting up camp on the Gulf of Mexico.


5 thoughts on “Another State Park

  1. that one deer picture is kind of neat. The deer has one ear on whats happening out front ,the other ear keeping track of what is happening in back..


  2. We continue to enjoy your wonderful wildlife pictures. It was interesting reading about Javelinas. Thanks for including the link. Will you be in the next park on Christmas Day?


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