Daily Synopsis

We woke up this morning in anticipation that it would be cold, and we were right.  The temperature inside and out was a chilly 11.  Just for giggles I checked and it was -19 in Saskatoon.  The sun was shining but the clouds rolled in quickly as we did our last-minute packing.

By the time we got to Johnson city we could see the horizon clearing, we would see the sun soon.  On the south side of San Antonio, the truck showed a temperature of 26.  We were feeling warm with our long pants and heavy t-shirts.  After 4 hours of driving we pulled into Lake Corpus Christi State park and was assigned a beautiful spot for us to stay for the next two weeks.



After we got set up it was on our bikes to have a little look around.  They have some wonderful sites, some with full hookup and other with only electricity and water.  Many have a view of the lake.  On our bike trip we encountered more hills that we are used to but we also got to see rabbits, a cardinal and many deer.  All right within the campgrounds.  Again, I didn’t have my camera, but I can only imagine what I will get an opportunity to photograph when I am only walking.

It should be a good two weeks.


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