Ready to Move

It is with mixed feeling that we started our day.  Tomorrow is “moving day” and we are off to Lake Corpus Christi State Park.  We have been here at Sunset Point for a month and really like it.  The park is small, not overcrowded, clean, friendly and has a great view of the lake and sunsets.  It has been raining off and on since Friday afternoon and a move might take us out of the dreariness.

We spent the day getting things ready.  The bikes were taken apart and stowed in the basement.  The outdoor rug was propped up in the hopes the majority of the water would run off.  The BBQ and lawn chairs were stowed away in the front storage compartment.  We headed into town and filled up the tank and backed into our spot when we returned, ready to hook up in the morning.

Tomorrow after breakfast, it will be just a matter of disconnecting our power, cable TV and water, emptying the tanks and bringing in the slides.  A quick hook-up with a check of the lights and we will be off and in a few hours we will be hooking everything back up at a new location.

While in town we stopped for a coffee at McDonald’s.  We didn’t think the weather was suitable to sit out on the patio at Starbucks.  There is only one McDonald’s in town and it is located very close to a middle school.  Well our experience was nothing like we would expect back in Saskatoon.  Really the only positive thing about our time there was the person filling my order called me “sweetie”.  By the way, did you know that you can’t get a hot tea at McDonald’s?  Only ice tea or sweet ice tea and this isn’t made from a powder but from real tea.  All I can say is it’s an acquired taste.  Needless to say I had to fill out the survey.

By this time tomorrow we will be all set up at our new location.  I believe there is something already planned for the grill and a beverage is already chilling in the fridge.  We are both looking forward to continuing our adventure in south Texas.


2 thoughts on “Ready to Move

  1. We’re looking at the park map. What site number are you in? Looks like a much bigger park than Sunset. How long are you staying at Corpus Christi Park? Enjoyed your comments about McDonald’s. Maybe the worker was hitting on you. lol


    • Bev just stands back as I defend myself from all the women. It happens all the time, you know what it is like.

      The park is much bigger with lots of deer. Unfortunately there is only wi-fi near the beach so posts will be spotty. We are in site 26 and are here for two weeks. We will leave on the 20th for South Padre Island. The weather I will report on in my next post was an anomaly, we are sitting at +7 today with rain. But still warmer than your -20. 🙂


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