Pimp My Ride


Well here it is December and we are starting to get into the holiday spirit, along with everyone else.  In our previous trips to town we had checked all the large stores for appropriate Christmas decorations, HEB, Walmart, True Value and Home Depot.  We have such a limited space, the decorations needed to be perfect.  Bev had stored away a few little ornaments from last year that ended up being placed beside the TV and we were able to find a nice swag at Home Depot that would hang on the door.  Bev added some lights that really made it pop.  Some of the other residents here are also adding their own little touches like Christmas lights and small lawn ornaments.  We also picked up some T-shirts with a Christmas theme, but you will have to wait a few weeks to see those.  I was able to find an old picture of me dressed up in antlers and a Santa hat and change my Facebook picture.  Christmas carols are also starting to be played.



Shortly after the Christmas Light-Up Parade we started to hear bells chiming.  What we were hearing was the Westminster Chimes, once every 15 minutes.  We can’t figure out where they are coming from and are not sure they are coming from Marble Falls as we have never hear them in town.  They are probably coming from one of the neighbouring communities on the lake, Cottonwood shores or Horseshoe Bay.  Another interesting thing is that in the last week, on the hour after the hour chime is complete, we hear the first few bars of a Christmas carol.  We certainly will miss this once we move.

The other night we had a so-so sunset but there was enough cloud cover that the orange/red glow from the setting sun was cast down back onto the calm water of the lake.  It was just something wonderful to see.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera set up at the time so I can’t share with you.  In anticipation of another great sunset I set up the camera the next night.  Well we didn’t have the cloud cover to reflect the colour back onto the lake but you can pretend.


Today the sky opened up and it rained off and on all afternoon.  This was something that we were expecting, the forecast is for steady rain until Monday.  We jumped in the truck and ended up in town to buy some groceries.  On our way home, around 4 P.M., we spied two groups of deer along our access road.  Once we got through the park gate and closer to the park office, we slowed and watched as eight deer were nibbling the grass on the front lawn of the office. They were interesting to watch.  We sat and watched them until they got tired of watching us and moved on.  Again I didn’t have my camera with me so you will have to pretend again.

The lesson learned is always take your camera with you, you never know when you might need it.


One thought on “Pimp My Ride

  1. Just wondering what day you move to your next destination Lake Corpus Christi State Park? Your last blog mentioned you were in your last week at Sunset Point. Also, even though you didn’t have your camera with you for a few good photo opportunities, the pictures you did include in your blog were fantastic, as normal. Thanks for including them.


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