Sitting in The Sun

Our RV is situated in the resort so we get the morning sun in the kitchen.  The afternoon sun shines through our back window and as the afternoon progresses, we get the sun on the driver side of the camper.  Here there are no windows.  This works well because as the day warms up, we can get outside and sit in the shade created by the camper and our awning.  This is all well and good when it is warm out, like it has been the last week or so.  If you have been following my tweets, they can be found on the sidebar on the right, you know it has been very cool during the day and especially cold during the last few evenings.  Today we wanted to sit out but it was just too cold to sit in the shade.  The patio chairs were easily moved into the sun on the other side of the RV and we enjoyed the warmth it provided.  I decided to snap a panorama shot to show you what we see out our back door.


The last few days I have been looking at taking some sunset photos.  Unfortunately, to get good shots you need a cloudy or hazy sky.  Something we haven’t had in quite some time.  Today I decided to go sit by the water, listen to the coots, and wait to see what the sun would look like as it descended below the horizon.  Of course I had my camera set up.  Here is an example of what we see at night.

dsc_1005 dsc_1008

Tomorrow we should see a little warm-up so I might be able to get back to my short pants.


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