Roll Me Out the Door

Next Thursday is the American thanksgiving.  The owners of the RV Resort we are staying in, hosted a pre thanksgiving pot luck dinner tonight.  We learned about this event when we checked in last Sunday.  As a pot luck, all we had to do was provide a dish for the group, either a side or a desert.  The owners would provide the turkey, potatoes, gravy, tea and coffee.

Well what a spread.  We learned the chefs from a local restaurant, Real New Orleans Style Restaurant, provided the hot stuff and it was good.  There was roasted and fried turkey, corn bread dressing, gravy, biscuits, and vegetables.  There was also sweet iced tea, real ice tea (not Goodhost), fresh brewed coffee and ice water.  Of course we could bring other beverages (wine) if we wanted something else.

Now when we looked over to the tables that held the dishes the residents provided, there was much more to choose from.  There was a green salad, a cheese broccoli casserole, green bean casserole, devilled eggs, shrimp and some other dishes we can’t remember.  Now for the deserts, there was haystack cookies, bread pudding, key lime pie, éclairs and red velvet cake.

I think they were expecting around 60 guests but we think there were only about 30.  We got to meet one of the resort owners and his wife along with the managers and some of the office staff as well as other RVers.  It was interesting to swap travel tails and what it is like to manage or work/camp at a resort.  This all happened in the resort’s Meeting/Activity room that overlooks the lake.

It was a great way to get topped up, meet some of our neighbours and have someone else cook for you.  Rolling myself out the door when things were all over is a real testament to the quality of the food and friendships.


One thought on “Roll Me Out the Door

  1. Had a look at the link to the restaurant you included in your blog. Looks like a real interesting place. Let us know if you give it a try. The pot luck sounded fantastic. I got very hungry when reading about all the food. lol


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