Sunsets a Few Steps Away

We are staying at a resort Called Sunset Point.  It is located on a point of land on Lake Lyndon B Johnson, a lake created by the Wirtz Dam on the Colorado river. A few steps away from our site and  you are standing on the shore of the lake watching fantastic sunsets.  To get a different perspective, you can walk along the shore and out onto a granite outcrop.  Even when the cloud cover isn’t very impressive, the sunsets can be.


dsc_0925While we were watching TV one night we heard about the “Super Moon”.  I haven’t had a lot of luck trying to photograph the moon but having a look at the sky, I couldn’t resist giving it another try.  Of course the best time to take a photo like this would be when the moon was just above the horizon.

Well I missed this time slot but thought the cloud cover might add some interest.  I am a little conflicted with the results, you decide if you like it or not.  All I know the moon was very bright.

On Monday we headed out-of-town to visitdsc_0934
Pedernales Falls State ParkThis river is the same river we visited a few days earlier at LBJ State Park.  The river looks a little different in this park.

There are a lot of hiking trails here and I decided to follow one to a waterfall.  Well the trail was a little rough.  Below you can see having to duck under fallen trees which was not uncommon.  Actually this part of the trail was relatively flat.  A little farther along the trail got almost vertical.  It was slow going down because of the poor footing.  It was even slower going back up, well because it was going up.  I got a picture of the falls but I don’t think it was very impressive.



941-hdrWhile catching my breath at the top of the trail, I spied this little visitor.


While driving down to the end of the road to see another section of the river, this little guy decided to cross the road in front of us.  I jumped out of the truck had quickly walked down the road.  I was thankful there was no other traffic and the little guy decided to walk back across the road in front of me.


Well we got to the end of the road and I captured a few panorama shots of the river as it flows over the limestone rocks.  It was quite interesting and relaxing.  There are also a few shots of the narrow watercourse as it slices through the rocks.

panorama1 panorama2


dsc_0976dsc_0974 dsc_0975

It was quite nice to see the gently flowing river, but as the park website and the signs on the road indicate, it can be quite different.  It would be nice to see the two extremes.


Before we left the park we had to stop at the bird blind.  I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular but was surprised.  Not because the two blinds were very nice places to watch birds but because there were so many butterflies in the flower garden.  You won’t see the pictures of the birds because there weren’t any.


By this time, it was getting late and time to head home.  As we progressed out of the river valley on a narrow twisty road with the sun shinning in our eyes, Bev got quite a surprise.  Remember I mentioned there was a healthy deer population in the hill country, well as I slammed on the truck brakes, Bev looked up and saw the south end of a north bound deer, only a foot or so from our front bumper. I am sure glad we were going as slow as we were.

Driving back down the Wirtz Dam road we were on the look out for more deer.  We were not disappointed.  We ran across this family just outside the Resort.  They didn’t seem to excited with me standing outside the truck snapping pictures.

dsc_0981 dsc_0989 dsc_0991

Today we just bummed around town.  We spent some time at Wal-Mart and HEB picking up some groceries and other things that needed restocking.  We also spent a nice part of the afternoon sitting on the deck of Starbucks overlooking the Colorado river.

All in all, it has been a couple of great days with more to come as the week progresses.


3 thoughts on “Sunsets a Few Steps Away

  1. Hey Richard . Have you thought about buying some walking poles to help keep your footing on your hikes.Good for balance too.You can probably pick them up in a sporting goods store or maybe at Walmart.I don’t think they would cost very much and might be worth the investment. TTFN. Bob


  2. Your pictures are fantastic! We really enjoy them and the accompanying descriptions. The waterfall looks very interesting. We especially like the wildlife photos. We had a bit of snow here yesterday but it all melted, and there was a heavy frost this morning. So it’s really neat to see pictures of sun and greenery.


    • For the last few days we have been very close to 30 degrees. For Friday they are forecasting a cold front moving in and we will almost get down to freezing at night and only the low 70s during the day. I think your long term forecast is worse than ours. 😎


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