Deer, Deer, Everywhere

Well our visit to Texas has renewed our interest in the little black Common GrackleThey have a very interesting and entertaining song and call.  Back home this year our yard and bird feeders were invaded by a small black bird that we thought were grackles but now that I see and hear them again, I don’t think they were.  They probably were just LBBs (little black birds).  The Grackle can be seen all over the resort.

To get to our RV spot you have to travel a few miles down the Wirtz Dam road.  This is a utility road that only goes to the dam and its associated maintenance buildings, a gated community beside the RV resort and the resort.   Needless to say there isn’t a lot of traffic, but there sure are a lot of deer around.  We have seen them every time we have travelled this road.  An article in a tourist magazine for the area reports that there is a very healthy deer population, partly because of the amount of rain that had fallen and how that increased the vegetation available for the deer to consume. The deer here are small.  Not as small as the Key deer in the Florida Keys but certainly smaller than we would see in Saskatchewan.

Friday we spent a lazy day at the resort.  A bike ride around the place revealed a few new neighbours.  We also travelled down to the dam and around the maintenance buildings.  Off in the distance we spied a herd of deer.  I think we counted 9 standing in a field eating grass and watching us watching them.  Once you stop and spy one, there are usually more to be seen but they blend in so well with the grass and trees, you really have to look.

Also on our bike trip I spied something odd in the shade on the side of the road.  As I slowed and approached, I realized it was a turtle.  He was just sitting there in the shade, not moving, about the size of a diner plate.  His legs, head and tail were tucked in. I wasn’t sure he was alive until I picked him up and he hissed at me.  I didn’t have my camera so I can’t share with you his ugly mug.  I put him back in the shade and when we returned on our way back to the camper, he was still where I put him.  He hadn’t moved a bit.

Out on the grass and in the water there are lots of black birds.  We couldn’t get close enough to get a good look as they are a bit skittish. They look like a black duck with a white bill.  Later in the afternoon we went and sat by the lake and was able to get a better look at the bird.  Now that we had a picture, a quick check in our bird books we discovered it wasn’t a duck but an American Coot.


I ended up at the water edge later in the day and now I know why they call this place Sunset Point.

dsc_0876 dsc_0883 dsc_0893

Today the sun was out again and we decided to see what LBJ State Park and Historic Site had to offer.  We headed off south of town towards Johnson City and then off to the park.  We were specifically wanting to see the long horn cattle and bison that were advertised in our brochure.  We had a slow drive around the park but were only able to see the bison, no longhorn.  We then drove through the working Johnson farm.  No longhorn here either but we did end up driving down a road with some cows.  Well there was a bit of history here but let’s be honest, a farm is a farm.  During our drive there were numerous occasions where we saw more and more deer.


Pedernales River

Dam on the Pedernales River

On our way home we were going to stop in Johnson City for a bite to eat but couldn’t find anything open other than Dairy Queen so we stopped in Marbles Falls at River City Grille.  It was a nice little place right on the Columbia River where we were able to watch another sunset.  Driving from Marble Falls back to Sunset Point I needed to be extra careful because I knew there were deer all over the place.  We didn’t see any but I am sure they were out there looking at us.

Not sure what adventures there will be tomorrow so you will have to check back and see for yourself.


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