Cabin Fever

Well here it is Thursday.  We have been in this resort for the better part of 5 days and for the better part those days it has been raining.  We are starting to get a little crazy with all the wetness and gloomy sky all day long.  When you think of Texas you might have a dry arid place in mind.  Well not this week.  Look at what has popped up in the grass outside our unit.

mushroom-1 mushroom-2

Actually it didn’t rain all night last night and this morning the sun was shining.  It warmed up a couple of degrees and it didn’t seem so humid out.  Shortly after lunch the clouds rolled in but the rain stayed away.  We decided that we needed to get out and about so we loaded up the truck and went off to visit two State Parks in the area.


Our first stop was Longhorn Cavern State Park.  It wasn’t too far from the RV resort and a nice drive through the hill country.  When I used to think of Texas I had in my mind a flat, desert like barren land.  Similar to the western movies we used to watch as children.  Well that’s not the way it is.  We are in hill country.  There are lots of exposed rock and cuts through outcropping allowing the highway to go through.  It’s almost like driving through the Canadian Shield and the Alberta foothills.  There are numerous quarries in the area, mostly working with granite.  Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of cactus and junipers around, as well as a lot of standing and running water.  The water that has been falling out of the sky for the last few days has ndsc_0845o where to go except flow over the exposed rock or under the thin layer of soil that sits on more rock.

We didn’t get an opportunity to visit the cavern but I was able to take a nice hike within the park.  With the sunshine also came the return of the butterflies.  There were many opportunities to see these little creatures.  So the monarchs are still around.



 dsc_0860Our second stop was at Inks Lake State Park.  This is quite a large park with campsites and picnic areas along the lake.  Of course there are rock outcrops all along the water.  A little walk around and I found more butterflies as well as an interesting place called “Devil’s Waterhole”.  While there I didn’t see anyone swimming or jumping off the rocks.

The park also has a wonderful bird blind.  We got the gate code from the park office and wondered in.  There is a secluded area back in the wilderness that has a small water feature with water plants and a small waterfall.  All around this oasis were flowering plants.  A large building, the blind, was situated on three sides of this feeding area.  Inside were comfortable benches and a clear, glassed in viewing area.  Unfortunately, when we were there, the birds had already eaten.  So, we didn’t stick around long, it was getting late so we decided to head back to the RV park.

dsc_0850 dsc_0852 dsc_0855 dsc_0856 dsc_0858
We are supposed to get sunshine for most of tomorrow so I am not sure what excitement we will encounter.

Oh, tomorrow is Remembrance Day, or Veterans Day, so wear a poppy and thank a veteran.


One thought on “Cabin Fever

  1. Wonderful pictures as usual. Using the links in your blog, had a look at the map to see where the parks are in relation to your RV. Thanks for including them. Hopefully the rain has stopped and the weather has improved.


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