The Home Stretch

We had a good sleep the night before.  As we expected the noise from the highway was not as bad as it has been in the past. We had a fairly good day today.  Nothing exciting except we drove through some rain.  Drove through areas where it had rained a lot leaving the roads wet.

The traffic was all snarled up again in Fort Worth.  It was slow going and a little hair-raising at times.  There are many levels to their interchanges and it seems they are building more vehicle capacity.  So instead of being two lanes, the finished product will probably be four or five lanes.  In the meantime, we are bumper to bumper zipping along single file at 50 mph.  I suspect their construction season is twelve months long.  I just can’t imagine the detail of project management that must be undertaken.  You would have to be aware of the current traffic patterns, how to get access for your large equipment, how to keep the workers safe and where to store all your construction material (the stuff you need as well as the stuff you are taking away).  I am sure someone is getting paid a lot of money to manage these projects.  Bev thought we should be taking a video but she couldn’t let go of the dash-board to get the camera.

We pulled into a Safety Rest Area on I35 just north of Jarrell.  Almost half way between Temple and Georgetown.  We had been here before.  It is a nice place to stop.  There is lots of room, washrooms as well as an underground shelter in case there is a storm.  We sat between 2 big rigs but still got a good night sleep.

When we were out sitting on a picnic table near some green space it was also interesting to see monarch butterflies fluttering around, feeding on the clover mixed in with the grass.  I guess they are on their annual migration to Mexico.  They had better hurry before the wall gets built.

Well in the morning we were off again.  Hopefully with a shorter drive.  We weren’t to far down the interstate when we had to turn off and head west on state highway 29 and then south on 281 and into Marble Falls.  We actually had to pay attention because the RV Resort is outside Marble Falls on Lake LBJ.  Because of our size, I don’t have a problem going slow on the road.  With a little bit of watching out for street signs and watching the truck’s GPS we pulled into park right around noon.  The regular check-in time is 1 PM but because the previous tenant of our spot had already left, we went in and set up our home for the next month.

We have a beautiful spot, number 45, within walking distance of everything.  Water, sewer, electricity and cable all hooked up, nothing to do now but sit and relax.  Oh and on the news tonight there was a report of an earth quake near Oklahoma City.  Sure glad we weren’t around for that excitement.

Tomorrow we should be able to get out and explore the park some more, maybe get into town and figure out where the State Parks are in the area that we want to check out.

Stay tuned, more to follow.


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