Greener Days

Bev asked my why I mentioned there was a truck stop a few miles down the road.  People will be asking why we didn’t go there.  Well I have no good answer for that except in hind sight, we should have.  Last night was rotten.  I hardly got any sleep with the sounds of the very busy I80 as well the thought we could be woken up at any minute because we were over our 10-hour limit.

Because of all of the above we gave up our regular breakfast and decided to leave a little earlier.  Well it turns out we stopped at the aforementioned truck stop for fuel. It had a huge truck parking lot. I am sure we could have tucked ourselves in and had a much quieter night.  Oh well, I got a free coffee though.

When we left home there was the odd field that had been cultivated that had a hint of green.  I suspect weeds were starting to grow again.  Well today (out of corn country) we noticed many fields that were green.  A solid green. Something that had been planted and not that long ago.  They must have a second crop in Nebraska.  We also saw fields with red-brown stalks with seed heads on top.  Kind of interesting but we have no clue what kind of crop it was.  Well I asked at a fuel station and they thought it was Milo.  It was nice to see the contrast between the green and red/brown.

Having a look at the map we thought we had better make up some distance so we can get to our first destination mid afternoon on Sunday.  So we plotted out our route to try to get on the south side of Oklahoma City.  That’s right folks 3 states in one day (Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma).  We stopped again at a highway rest stop for a picnic lunch.  It was nice to sit in the sun for 30 minutes and relax.  Little did we know what was in store for us down the road.

We hit Oklahoma City on I35 at 3:30 PM Saskatoon time, but it was 4:30 PM Oklahoma time.  You guessed it.  Bumper to bumper traffic snarl up with construction everywhere.  The only good thing about the trip through town was the slow speed.  At times we were crawling along at less than 10 km/h. Some people might have had a nervous breakdowns. Not only that but just outside Percell we were at a stop again.  It turns out the interstate had one lane closed as they were resurfacing.  By now it was getting dark.  Once we finally got all merged into one lane and then through the delay back into two lanes, you could see head lights for miles behind us.  I am glad that was over.

Well Bev found us another nice little rest stop just south of Pauls Valley, near the junction of I35 and highway 7.  It’s about 7:30 and there are only one or two semis here and we are situated lower than the interstate so the traffic noise isn’t as bad as yesterday.

I am sure there are lots of things I have missed like the number of hawks that we say today.  It seemed like every few miles there was one perched on a power pole or fence post looking for lunch.  Also how polite the locals are at the fuel stops and how well-mannered the drivers are.  Also the tractor and trailer we saw on it’s side on highway 81. Or the number of wind farms we passed.  There are lots of things you see but can’t remember.

Tomorrow Bev has us going through Dallas/Fort Worth and stopping just short of Austin.  I don’t think the day will be that long but will allow Sunday’s drive to be relatively short.

Let’s see what tomorrow will bring.


One thought on “Greener Days

  1. Just read your last three entries. They were very interesting. We like to follow your journey on a map, so the descriptions of highway numbers and cities/rest stops really helps. The weather here has been very nice for the last few days, and is supposed to continue this week sunny and mostly in the double digits. Take care.


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