Sunny Days

Last night was a perfect night. The sky cleared off and we had a beautiful sunset visible from our dining room table.  After snuggling into bed and reading for a while, lights went out and we had the best sleep ever.  I am not sure if it was because we were over tired or there was very little traffic on I29.  The odd time we woke and had a listen, no traffic could be heard.  If you checked yesterdays entry there was a link to a map of where we were.  Nestled right in the middle of the north and southbound lanes of the Interstate.  Funny thing was, we woke up and found an 18 wheeler parked right beside us.  We didn’t even hear him.

We saw some Canada Geese today and that reminded me to let you know the day before we saw a field of Snow Geese.  The field was just white like it was covered with snow.  Hence the name I guess.

The country side is getting a little hillier.  As an engineer friend of mine us to say, “It’s flat, but it has a lot of texture” With these hills, we are seeing a little more ranch land.  We have seen a few fields with cows but still lots of corn.  Corn must be the predominant crop in these parts. Earlier we passed a “Crystal Sugar” manufacturing plant or mill.  I suspect that this place was a huge consumer of corn.

Just over the South Dakota border Bev asked me what I was doing.  I said “I was reducing speed from 100 to 80.  The sign says 80, speed limit strictly enforced.”  She told me it was miles per hour not kilometres…I had to give my head a shake.  Shortly after that we stopped at another highway rest stop for lunch.  I was really nice to get out of the truck and have a picnic on the grass.

Eating outside?  You might ask “Weren’t you cold”?  Not at all.  The temperature peaked at 19 today but was consistently 17 for most of the day.  A far cry from the 4 degrees we started the day with.  This is probably due to the lack of cloud cover.  We started off with clear blue skies but by the time we finished breakfast the clouds had moved in from the north.  We seemed to have either outrun the clouds or the weather pattern had changed as we had sunny skies all day.

At around 4 we found another rest stop north of Sioux Falls.  It is quite nice and we will be staying here the night, as long as no one kicks us out.  There is a sign that says “No Overnight Camping”.  We are not sure what they mean by camping.  I guess we will wait and see.



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