Snug as a Bug in a Rug

When we left Saskatoon we were unsure how low a temperature we could expect, so we have 6 or 7 blankets on the bed.  After we went to bed last night the RV was warm so I turned the thermostat down to about 10 degrees.  Well after the initial shock of cold sheets, you could hardly move with the weight of all the blankets.  There was no chance of rolling over into a cold spot. I think we will remedy this tonight by removing a few blankets.

We slept good though, even with the noise.  Not only was there a lot of traffic on the highway and the semis pulling in, there also was a train.  Or should I say 4 or 5 trains, blasting their horns in the middle of the night.  It seemed like every couple of hours one went screaming by just behind where we were parked. This was offset by the soothing; gentle rain we could hear on the roof most of the night.

The morning clouds had lifted and there was a sliver of blue sky visible.  It was nice to see the sun, off and on today.  The temperature hovered around 6.  The scenery was much the same. You see one farmer’s field; you have seen them all.  However, we did notice that the soil was almost black, not like the sandy colour we see in most of Saskatchewan.  We also noticed a lot of moisture in the field as well as quite a few fields with corn still standing.  We suspect the farmers couldn’t get the crop off because of the moisture.  Another odd thing we noticed in a field, was a bald eagle.  Something you don’t see very often, especially out standing in a field.

We had to stop for fuel outside Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.  That gave us enough go-go juice to get around Winnipeg.  I am glad we stopped just before we hit this town as the gas station after the town had diesel prices 2.5 cents more per litre than what I had just paid.

Well as you can guess, they let us in and we are stopped at a highway rest stop just south of Drayton ND.  They say they have Wi-Fi but the signal is pretty weak where we are.  We are at one end, trying to stay away from the truckers and the noise.  I can make a connect in the bedroom but not at the kitchen table.  I may wonder over to the information centre later to steal some power for my laptop and see if there is a better signal.

The agenda for tomorrow is get some more go-go juice and head on into South Dakota.



One thought on “Snug as a Bug in a Rug

  1. Thanks for the blog post. I was just reading yesterday’s when an email popped up that you had added another post. The link to the map was great as it clearly shows where you are. The maps were a really neat addition to your blogs two years ago so hopefully you are able to keep including them this time. Drive safe tomorrow.


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