On The Road Again

Willie Nelson said it best.  We are on the road again.

We had a bit of a lazy start this morning.  We weren’t in a huge hurry as we knew we were stopping at the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border for the night and then crossing into the United States on November 1st.  The drive today was ok.  The temperature hovered around +4.  But we had heavy fog for most of the morning and early afternoon.  At some times the visibility was down to around 200m. When we went down the hill at Blackstrap Lake, you couldn’t see the lake.  Sometimes you had a hard time seeing the other side of the divided highway.  We were glad to see the fog lift south of Kenaston but would be much happier if the sun had appeared


There wasn’t a lot of things to see during our drive today.  There was the occasional wild animal sleeping on the side of the road, often visited by the resident crows.  There were a few hawks along the way.  Hanging out on fence posts and power poles, no doubt waiting for their lunch to arrive.  One amazing thing we did see, actually it was a bit sad, was a moose laying in the ditch.  Travelling the road between Saskatoon and Regina you get accustomed to seeing deer that have been in contact with vehicles, but a moose! You kind of forget how huge they are.  I can only imagine the amount of damage done to the vehicle that hit it.  We hope there were no other injuries.

We got held up a little coming out of Regina.  There is so much construction.  Traffic was fast, then slow, then fast again only to be slowed up again in a few kilometres.  On the east side of Regina, the fog seemed to come back and it slowly turned into a mist and then a rain.  We think we were making good time, plugging along at 100 kms/h but had to slow up in Indian Head so we could feed the thirsty truck.  With out a lot of delay we were off again in the rain.

We pulled into the Manitoba Visitor’s Centre about 4:45 which is about 6 hours behind the wheel.  This visitor’s center offers parking for semi trucks as well as cars and RV’s.  We pulled into the RV side thinking it might be a little quieter.  I am not sure if that will materialize as we are on the highway side of the building.  The semi’s are on the back side farther from the highway.  So we might hear a little highway traffic tonight but we won’t miss the tractor trailers coming and going all night long.

I got excited when I opened up the laptop to compose this entry as there was a Manitoba Visitor Centre hot spot.  After a little fooling around we were able to connect to the hot spot.  Unfortunately, the hot spot isn’t connected to anything else.  So even though this post shows October 31, it won’t actually get posted until we can connect.

The RV is warming up nicely as we prepare our supper and drink our hot chocolate.  Lets see if the sun will shine tomorrow.




One thought on “On The Road Again

  1. Love it guys. I can feel you love of travelling and anticipation of your winter as you drive South. Hope it all goes well. Was with you all the way, having travelling that route many times over my 7 decades on this earth: the slow traffic east of Regina because of the bypass. Half way between McLean and Qu’Appelle, you would have passed the directional sign for Edgeley about 15 kms South. Then at Qu’Appelle and Indian Head you would have been near the graveyards of my ancestors and parents on my mother’s and father’s side. You passed Wolseley which has a little pond in town and where I took swimming lessons at age 5-7. Then you drove through Mossomin where we always stopped when travelling between Regina and Winnipeg while I was going to University 1965-1971.


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