Looking Back, Looking Forward

Here it is October 22, 2016 with an update on our travels.

We didn’t get to a warm climate last winter and that might have been a good thing if you recall all the floods, tornadoes and snow that was going on in the southern United States.  On the bright side, the winter here in Saskatoon wasn’t that bad,  I actually thought it was rather mild so we didn’t escape to any “all-inclusive” destinations.

During the winter and through part of the spring, we undertook a major renovation to our main bathroom. So much for saving money for our next winter trip.  Most of the summer was spent  in our back yard, enjoying life.  While sitting on our deck with a glass of wine, plans developed for our next winter get-away.

It can be quite a daunting task trying to pick an RV Resort.  If you want to stay in one place for any length of time, you want to make sure you will be satisfied with your choices.  From experience, we know the on-line marketing of RV Resorts might not accurately or completely represent the property and the on-line reviews can be all over the map, so they aren’t that helpful either.

Now, if you were to only stay one night at a location, it wouldn’t really matter how clean the pool was, if the hot tub was open all night or how close you were to the clubhouse.  But when you are looking at staying in a place for upwards of a month, you want to be sure you will be happy with your decision.

During our planning we realized that the value of the Canadian Dollar still wasn’t stellar, so Florida was taken off the list.  We had previously stayed in Texas on North Padre Island and enjoyed it very much, so we investigated South Padre Island and the resorts around Brownsville Texas.  Well, were we surprised at what we found. It turns out the Texas State Parks are quite reasonable and the private resorts are anywhere from ⅓ to ¼ the price of the  resorts in Florida.

As it sits right now, we have made reservations at Sunset Point on Lake LBJ near Marble Falls, Lake Corpus Christi State Park and Cameron County’s Isla Blanca Park, all in Texas.  All three parks are located next to water, Isla Blanca is on the south tip of South Padre Island. So we have a place to park the camper until Jan 20th, 2017.  Sometime before that date, we will have to decide if we will move on up the Rio Grande valley or exit Texas by some other route as we make our way into Arizona.  We are trying to arrange our stay in the desert to coincide with the spring cactus bloom. But before we get to Arizona, there are a few more places we want to check out in New Mexico.

So things are getting crazy around here.  The camper has been brought out of storage, cleaned and is slowly getting packed.  I think the packing is mostly complete except for the clothes.  Those will get stored along with any leftover food in the fridge and then we will be off to Sunset Point on Lake LBJ.

It should take us 5 or 6 day to drive into Texas for our first stop.  During this time we will be pulling off at roadside rest stops for the night.  There probably won’t be any updates during this time due to the lack of power and WiFi.  But once we get to Sunset Point, expect updates as we decompress there for a month.

I hope you enjoy out travels as much as we do.  If there is anything you would like to know send us a note from our Contact Us page or leave a comment on a post.

See you down the road.

Bev and Richard


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