Home At Last

Well this will be the last post for this adventure. We are finally at home and getting used to our old bed.

We are certainly missing the plentiful great egrets, grackles and doves and their calls while on the other hand we are looking forward to the reappearance and songs of our native birds, the blue jays, the robins and the chickadees.

Likewise we are looking forward to the trees popping their leaves. The maple in our back yard is getting ready and we can see a slight hint of green from the trees in the park. It will also be nice when things dry up and we get to see the lawn waking up from the winter sleep.

We have some RV sites booked for next year. Over the coming months we will plot out our trip back into Florida. We really enjoyed the Keys and will be returning.

Today was a short one, only 500 Kms and 6 hours in the driver’s seat.

We hope you enjoyed our adventures and can come along for the ride next winter.

Bev & Richard


3 thoughts on “Home At Last

  1. Welcome back! We are going to miss the stories and pictures, but we can look forward to next year’s blogs. Hopefully we can get together soon with you guys for coffee.


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