Heated Truck Seats, Oh My!

We had another interesting day today. We started out cold, very cold. For some reason the furnace never cut in during the night and we were sitting at 6°C when we got up. My first thought was that we had run out of propane. That wouldn’t be a problem as I have one tank I use exclusively for the BBQ, I can just reconnect it. Well after fooling around with the thermostat, the furnace came on and I didn’t have to go outside.

Another interesting thing is that we ran out of fresh water. I was going to fill the tank before we left Florida. Unfortunately the last place we stayed, the water had an odd taste and I didn’t want to mix the good with the bad. We both thought there would be enough to last. Guess we were wrong. Tonight we are staying at the Saskatchewan Welcome Centre just across the Manitoba border and there will be no dishes done tonight.

When we left Fargo this morning the weather was the same as we had the day before, cold and very breezy. The sky was overcast with dark heavy clouds and we were not sure what we were going to be driving into today. The outside temperature was 0°C and we had blowing snow to contend with. Soon the temperature dropped to -1°C. We plodded along. It was a real treat to have the heated seats in the truck this morning. We needed them.

With luck the Boarder Security folks let us back into Canada. There didn’t seem to be any fuss or muss about it. I guess we don’t look like drug smugglers. Well no sooner had we left the border crossing, I spy flashing red lights in my side mirror. OMG what have I done now? At least we are back in Canada. After I pulled over, the officer came to my window and asked if I was the registered owner of the camper. I assured him I was. He had pulled us over as he thought we were a commercial carrier transporting the camper from the manufacturer for hire. If that was the case we should have proceeded directly from the border crossing to the weigh scales. We were off the hook and on our way again.

Shortly after we entered Manitoba the sun began to peek out from behind the clouds. The farther we travelled north the more the clouds disappeared and the temperature began to rise. It topped out at +7°C, hallelujah.

We stopped in Brandon to have a visit with Bev’s sister Linda and her husband Grant at Tim Horton’s on Highway #1. We were initially wondering if there would be a place to park. After a little searching we noticed tractor-trailers parked behind the gas bar beside the coffee shop. We snuck in there and walked across the parking lot. It seemed there was a lot to talk about but we had to cut it short so we could continue our journey. We wanted one last stop with a full day into Saskatoon tomorrow.

During the last few days of our travels north we have seen a quite a change in the scenery, from the jungle like dense tree growth in Florida to a change to a mixed forest. First the trees were totally full of leaves. The farther north we progressed the leaves go smaller. Then they were just buds and farther down the road all you could see was a hint of green on the branches. In Manitoba there is no signs of life in the trees we see from the road. I guess it isn’t time for them to wake up yet. The farm fields have also changed. We have seen crops out of the ground a foot or so, to fields that have a green tinge as the little plants are trying to emerge. Here in Manitoba and probably in Saskatchewan too, the fields have either not been looked at or they appear to have been seeded, but the rows are filled with a white drift of snow. This will soon disappear as the spring progresses.

Todays synopsis is 634 kms and 10 hours from start to finish, but we did spent about 1 1/2 hrs at the coffee shop. Next stop Saskatoon, probably around mid afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Heated Truck Seats, Oh My!

  1. Welcome home Richard and Bev. Well not much of a welcome weather wise, but maybe next year ;-). SCC has a booth at the paddling symposium today, April 25.


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