Turn This Bus Around! NOW!!

What an interesting day we have had. Last night after supper and shortly after we went to bed, we had a semi pull in on both sides of us. This seemed to shield us from the wind so the camper stopped rockin’ and rollin’ and we got a pretty good nights sleep, once we got used to the highway noise of course. We woke up to +6° C with lots of wind. And the wind was hitting us to the side most of the day as we headed north. When we turned west, it was head on. And then the rain came, followed by the sleet and then the ice pellets. This was only to be repeated again and again. The temperature dropped down to 0°C.

We persevered and slowed down in spots and are now stopped for the night just north of Fargo ND. We have turned the furnace on and will be hitting the sheets right after supper. The plan is to stop in Brandon for a quick visit with Bev’s sister and brother-in-law. The day after should see us in Saskatoon. Hopefully tomorrow the wind will subside and the sun will shine.

Today 870 Kms, roughly 10 hours in the driver’s seat.  Oh and today it was +28°C in Key Largo.

What are we doing here?


2 thoughts on “Turn This Bus Around! NOW!!

  1. Those purple trees remind me of something out of a Dr. Seuss book! Cool. And what was that semi-truck doing heading towards you?!?!?
    I’m surprised you haven’t turned around and headed back south with the weather you’re facing. We promise we aren’t getting any ice pellets here…maybe some prairie wind but that’s about it! It’s a lovely spring…so far. 🙂 Hope to see you soon!


  2. Hope the weather improves for the rest of your trip home. Have a nice visit in Brandon and take it slow coming to Saskatoon. We’ll have to get together sometime after you’re back. McDonald’s needs our business again. 🙂


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