Holy Hanna Montana

If the vans a rockin”,don’t bother knocking’, its just the wind.

What a day we have had. Woke up and travelled in the rain until noon. The temperature started out at +16° C and reached a whopping high of +20° C once the sun came out.

We encountered lots of rolling hills and great scenery as we travelled by St Louis. Later in the afternoon it started raining again. Raining actually quite hard. Hard enough that I had to put the wipers on as fast as they would go and slow down.

Just like back home, most of the roads we were on today were under construction. We didn’t have to worry about construction workers but had to pay close attention to the driving lanes and the lane markers. Sometimes the lanes would just do a jog to the right or left, leaving you to drive on the shoulder while the other side of the road was repaired. Sometimes you would actually cross over to the other side of the highway making a 4 lane into a 2 lane. You had to be on your toes at all times.

All was going well. We realized that we should try to get through Des Moines today as we have a long way yet before we are able to cross the border. Bev was doing a great job reading the map and telling me where to go (no comments please) while I was trying to read the highway signs and see the lane markers. The torrential rain was making my part difficult. Needless to say we were in the middle lane and needed to exit on the left to head north out of the city. The middle lane always seems to be safe, as when there is an exit, two lanes will normally exit. So if you are in the middle you can either exit or stay the course. Well in this instance there was only one lane that exited and I wasn’t in it. So instead of heading north we continued east. We have pulled into a rest stop for the night and will back track our steps tomorrow and hopefully get well past Minneapolis on our way back into Canada.

Statistics for the day, 773 Kms with 9 hours behind the wheel. Cheapest fuel so far was $1.459 per gallon. Temperature when we stopped +10. It had better warm up tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Holy Hanna Montana

  1. Hmmm the opening line certainly grabbed my attention! 😮
    Driving in torrential rain is not a lot of fun at the best of times never mind when you’re driving in strange country. I would have had to pull over – not a fan of wet roads. Hope you don’t have to deal with that again. We’re experiencing a lot of windy weather here. Here’s hoping it tapers off by the time you guys arrive back home. Safe travels!!



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