Don’t Get Lost

Today we woke up to +16° C with heavy fog. It was nice driving through the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains as we travelled through Chattanooga and on toward Nashville. We realized that we haven’t seen Palm trees for quite some time and are now travelling through mixed forest. We have gone from trees that have a full set of leaves to trees that are just starting to bud. The hillsides are beautiful with the various shades of green, yellow, white, purple, grey and pink leaves and blossoms.

Just outside of Clarksville, take the last train to Clarksville and meet me at the station, well not really. But just before Clarksville the highway signs indicated that there was construction ahead and to expect long delays. OK, this is nothing new but looking at the fuel gage we decided to take the next exit and fill up. We didn’t want to run out of diesel in the construction zone. Well after fueling up we couldn’t get back on I24 as the Highway Patrol were blocking the entrance ramp. We headed into Clarksville thinking we could just go around that entrance and find another one down the road. Good thought. The large Road Atlas we are using as well as a CAA Northwestern States map as well as the State map showed very little detail. I won’t say we got lost as we are dragging our home with us, but we did add about 1 1/2 hours to our trip before we made it back onto I24 heading to St Louis.

This little side expedition was enjoyable, after we figured out how to get back to where we wanted to go. We saw nice countryside and at one point a buggy with 2 youth passed us going in the opposite direction, maybe Amish. At one point we saw a snake crossing the road. If he stayed put, I am sure we passed right over him. If he had continued on his slither, I am sure one of the back tires would have nailed him. A little farther down from this incident we noticed another snake in the opposite shoulder, not moving. This goes along with all the other critters we have seen napping on the side of the road, like turtles, raccoons, opossums and aardvarks.

We have travelled through ranch land as well as horse country and are now seeing more farmland. We have seen crops that are out of the ground by a foot or so earlier in the day, to hillsides that have just a touch of green as the seeds are just germinating.

Todays totals are 814 Kms and 10 hours behind the wheel. Temperature reached +28° C, tomorrow, off to Des Moines.


One thought on “Don’t Get Lost

  1. I hope you drove over that snake! Haha!
    At least with all the driving, you are learning best routes for next year’s travels. Hopefully the next few days of driving go well!


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