In The Wild

Today we went on another road trip. We headed west from Palm Springs and headed toward Lake Okeechobee and stopped at Lion Country Safari. What better to do when the temperature is registering +31° C than drive through a wildlife preserve?

We had a great time getting up close to these wild animals. There were specific rules before we got to drive into the preserve. First you had to stay in your car and keep the windows rolled up. Well I broke both those rules. It is hard to take pictures through your vehicle window, so it was rolled down on occasion. As well, I didn’t actually step out of the truck; I stood on the running board. The only time I was reminded to keep my window rolled up was through the Gorongosa Reserve. This is where the lions are behind a separate electrified fence. I think this was the safest part of the tour, unlike the Kalahari Bushveldt where the inquisitive Ostrich were pecking at the truck windows.

Here are some of our pictures, enjoy.


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