On The Move, Again

Well tomorrow morning we will be pulling out of Point of View Key Largo RV Resort. We are heading north on the mainland to John Prince Park Campground in Lake Worth Florida. We will be staying there for a week and then slowly making our way home.

Just to wrap up our time in the keys here are a few pictures that we have taken while in the Key Largo area. First we spied a fisherman one day when we were on the beach. He would drift past us as he readied his net and then go out of view. He would then motor past us again and drift by as he got his net ready again. Well I was able to snap a few pictures as he launched his net. It was quite interesting, but because he continued to drift, we were unable to see if he was lucky or not.




Ready, Set








We have had great weather here with mostly clear skies, which allowed us clear views of the moon. Here we have the moon, a clear sky and a palm tree in the foreground. Don’t ask me which type of palm tree it is as there are over 2600 species currently known.


Now with clear skies, the sunsets were not very exciting. But when there were clouds, look out for something spectacular. You couldn’t really tell if you were going to get an exciting sunset just by looking in the sky. Even if the sky was clear, a quick trip to the water’s edge was required to see if there were any clouds on the horizon. Well here is a selection of some of the best sunsets we experienced.  Tomorrow we will be near the Atlantic coast so no more sunsets.



2 thoughts on “On The Move, Again

  1. Beautiful sunsets. Enjoy your final days in the Keys. The snow has basically melted here so should be well into the perfect Spring weather by time you get home. Take care.


  2. Your sunset pictures are really awesome. Looks like you’re going to work your way north along the east coast of Florida? If so, are you going to stop to see the Kennedy Space center? Do you have a rough date when you’ll be back in Saskatoon? It’s going to be mid-teens and sunny for most of the coming week and weekend here.


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